\'a tree saved our life basically\': pavement milling machine loses control in north vancouver

by:Gewinn     2020-06-14
On Wednesday night, a large road milling machine in northern Vancouver suddenly loosened and almost crashed into an apartment building.
Road staff reappeared on the cross-road section
Canadian highway, according to witnesses, a truck on Longsdale Avenue on 25 th Street lost control of a milling machine around 11: 30. m. PT.
The large machine jumped off the side of the road and collided with a pole, causing the street lamp to crash, then boarded the sidewalk before hitting a tree and missed a three-story apartment building in inches.
Residents said they heard a loud noise and rushed to see the big machinery outside the window.
Building resident Mahsa Taheri said: \"If it hits the building, it may actually have collapsed, and luckily, the tree blocks the road, so nothing has happened to the building or anyone.
\"It was a very terrible experience.
Thank God everyone is okay. that\'s the most important thing, right?
Kasey Rogers, a resident of the building, said.
\"A tree basically saved our lives.
\"The accident closed parts of Lonsdale Avenue in both directions for hours and the staff removed the vehicle and fallen branches from the fallen tree.
Firefighters in downtown Vancouver said no one was injured.
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