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And what are the disadvantages woodworking machinery development


                                                                                   In this changing society, woodworking furniture industry development faster and faster, so we more and more demand for woodworking machinery, so there is a lot of woodworking machinery manufacturers, we will be confused to choose the woodworking machinery is the best? Actually happening in woodworking machinery industry slight change, let's learn about the. Woodworking machinery in the contemporary society developing in a kind of momentum.
1, woodworking machinery, product technology innovation ability is poor, the industry fatal problem. Some woodworking machinery enterprises from others, or even a person with data, eat meals. “ A shape & throughout; Caused the industry product TongGouHua, homogeneity, therefore become the source of price war intensified.
2, woodworking machinery, low level of product quality, is the industry's outstanding problems. TongGouHua, homogeneity, become the source of price competition, low price low profits and react on quality, lead to the product quality problem such as security, reliability, accuracy stable.
3, lack of variety, characteristic, the market share is low, is the industry's potential problems. Walking on the varieties of lot, a lot of woodworking machinery enterprises conveniently small product development way, to fit all the lack of features, the market share is too low, the risk is very big, the damage can be fatal.
4, poor market channels, is the industry's problems. The formation of the problem and the absence of the role of the agent or dislocation, and woodworking machinery manufacturer of marketing strategy, and the lack of or ignore the market economic law is closely related, form is in the original restriction on the development of the industry.
5, mobility to move, is the industry's common problems. The problem in volatility, staff & other; In cao cao heart in han & throughout; 。 Brain drain, the technology leaks and data outflows, responsible for a series of vicious competition consequences, to enterprise's power is very strong, lessons are heavy.
GEWINN brand woodworking machinery is also a very important direction, is wood products processing, including doors and Windows, floor, decoration, etc. Before this is belongs to the category of solid wood machinery, but now, on the contrary, the current domestic production of doors and Windows, real wood door even less than 10%, that is to say, a large number of man-made board is applied to the manufacture of wooden door, and began to gradually withdraw from the floor of real wood floor industry. So our country furniture woodworking machinery industry also gradually turned to wood products processing industry, the GEWINN brand is correspondingly enlarged the woodworking machinery market.                                                                            

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