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Sanding machine using problem solving


                                                                                   Sanding machine equipment has characteristics of high capacity, high precision production, but many users use the process of problems all don't know how to troubleshoot, feedback, according to online friends, my GEWINN United  company to arrange the following common problems for the majority of users to answer one by one. Problem a: sanding machine marks and how to deal with? Technical solutions: to present the waves lines there are many reasons, the main reason are the cause of the bearing, the cause of roller, the reason of abrasive belt. Finishing roller demand and calibration, cannot have a sensation of error. The bearing must be really import bearings. ( On the market are fake) 。 Abrasive belt also have many differences. Problem two: sanding machine digital display, fixed in one place? Answer: electronic and electronic scale and mesa between feet and frame are screw locking can be adjusted, nut fell, cannot make electronic scale on the basis of mesa lifting elongation or shortening, so the number display the same question three: double sand before the broadband sander sand erratic wandering how to deal with? Technology solutions: first, adjust the swing roller to sand and cantilever roller on a vertical line, adjust the swinging cylinder according to the actual situation, if is not you have to see if the photoelectric quickly closed interval form through too close, can test on a photoelectric switch on the side of the inside of the abrasive belt altered is the color of water, is to verify whether be penetrating. Will swing cylinder in an airless tube to pull down, see if there are gas spewing from the swinging cylinder, if this is in order to check the cylinder piston seal leakage. Problem four: sanding machine abrasive belt running deviation is what reason? Technical solutions: 1 screening method, in the case of does not open up, manual push-pull abrasive belt, the machine head is normal or not. 2, if do not swing, one by one, remove air pressure cylinder solenoid valve photoelectric switch 3, if don't open up to sway, normal barometric pressure swing rolling cleaning sand belt quality problem ( Properly adjust the swing rolling) Problem five: heavy wood sanding machine sand out how artifacts into arc? Technical solutions: sanding machine abrasive belt opposite to have flat pad plate. Artifacts pressure is overweight. Question 6: sanding machine abrasive belt loose what's the problem? Technology solutions: 1, the abrasive belt scale is suitable for 2, 3 when tight cylinder is normal. Air pressure is reached request more questions welcome to stay focused on our official website, if you still because what the use of sanding machine, can through the way of a message to us for help, also can directly dial the top right of the screen service hotline, we actually answer for you!                                                                            

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