Application of solid wood processing equipment in practical door panel

by:Gewinn     2020-03-08
Solid wood door panel is a kind of green and natural door panel, which generally uses natural logs or finger boards, after drying, blanking, planing, Tenon, drilling, milling, assembly, grinding, painting and other processes, the solid wood door panel manufacturing process is complex and non-professional carpenters cannot complete it. In the whole processing process of solid wood door panel, the milling type of door mullion and the milling type of door core board are the most troublesome links for carpenters. The solid wood door panel is mainly composed of several parts, such as the door edge, the door Mullion, the head and the door panel. The appearance of the solid wood door machine facilitates the solid wood door panel manufacturing industry and is mainly used for the milling processing of the solid wood splicing door, solid wood processing equipment can process horizontal crossots and vertical standing, as well as solid wood door core panels; The Z main shaft of the equipment has two 9KW high-power Main shafts, each of which is equipped with an end knife and a dock knife (Or door knife) , Cutting end with large torque force and dock, Y axis has two low-power spindles for milling folding holes and keyholes, so the engraving and milling after the blanking of the set door can be fully automated; The numerical control solid wood door walling machine has a humanized operating system and does not need supporting software. After simple size data is input, it can be efficiently milled. The equipment has the characteristics of simple operation and high efficiency, it is suitable for mass production and single-piece and small-batch customized door panel processing, and is very practical. Scope of Application: solid wood Assembly doors, solid wood cabinet doors, solid wood wardrobe doors, solid wood frame cabinets, solid wood panels and other solid wood processing
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