Automatic polishing machine polishing method you know?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
How to wax automatic polishing machine? The small make up will give you a brief introduction. 1, manual polishing: it is a common method of wax because skill difficulty is relatively low, ordinary staff only need to teach it, and you can also save the purchase cost of automatic polishing and waxing. 。 2, automatic polishing: this method is in the device level of polishing wheel installed above the moving guide rail. Solid wax fixed structure installed in orbit. The method is mainly based on wax by hand. Wax distance can according to the technical requirements. Group. 3, automatic spray wax: this method was more common in large plant wax. For pressure tank through the air pump liquid kneading to gun nozzle to spray atomization of liquid. It has a clean, adhesion. , grinding effect and durability advantages. The disadvantage is that you need to add pressure barrel, the purchase cost of spray gun and air pump accessories.
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