Automatic trimming woodworking sander how to adjust?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-20
Automatic woodworking sander pressure part problems lead to equipment not work properly. If not tightly on the plate, or have high and low pressure before and after the vertical plate material, when the plate part and glue because of paint roller and pinch roller on the plate profile of a certain pressure, displacement of plate causing deviating from the baseline, result in the follow-up process cannot be completed. Solution: the plank compaction, and firmness consistent, then trimming cutter benchmark by feet and copying wheel depend on the plate, adjust tool until the ideal effect, the problem was solved. Trimming datum board face not found. Trimming knife can be accurate to fix the ideal line edge banding from trimming knife next level by foot ( Baroclinic round or circular arc on board) And vertical by foot ( Copying wheel) 。 If they can't close to on the moving plate, certainly will not take out the appropriate line. The solution: the board that will be a long flat end face and into the wood sanding machine ( Be careful not to glue) , when can the plank to cover polishing, scraping edge, fine, coarse trim this position when the conveyor belt stopped, based on the plate, the above mentioned horizontal and vertical benchmark depend on the board, the tool cutting edge near the plate edges, waiting behind fine-tuning, until the ideal effect. Have a screw loose destabilize trimming. The solution: find a benchmark, fastening screws, adjust the cutting tool. Belt drive is off is likely to be tension wheel failure, of course it is possible that your motor turned inside out. Solution is simple, the tension wheel to adjust to the proper position is fixed, the belt tension due to the trim parts need to produce a shift in sliding at work, so there will be a dynamic tensioning device, generally is the weight of the motor itself, also may use spring, specific according to your machine operation. If the motor is reversed, so want to power off first, any two of the motor input three-phase electric relative adjustment. Machine adjustment can refer to my answer the question, in front of the same.
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