Automatic woodworking equipment daily attention, automatic woodworking equipment with milling, with tracking

by:Gewinn     2020-09-22
Automatic woodworking equipment quality affected by many external and internal factors, these factors include equipment, raw material conditions, operational proficiency, generally focus on the following six aspects: ( 1) If choose thicker sealing sideband sealing side, woodworking equipment pressure feeding roller elastic should be adjusted to best position, the most easy to mistake the is too tight. Because of the sealing sideband slightly longer than the workpiece, when pressure feeding roller pressure sealing sideband the part, to sealing sideband't a vertical to the direction of the force, at this time due to the glue is not completely cured, agglutination intensity is not high, the tail stick is not easy to loosen. ( 2) Processing when indoor temperature not too low, should be in commonly 15 & deg; C above, especially when sealing sideband thick, flexibility is insufficient, to guarantee the normal work of the preheating device, without preheating device can also be made by adopting the method of hair dryer heat sealing sideband softening, this method is especially suitable for the curve edge banding. Processing workshop can not have. Sealing sideband influence sealing side effect, the quality of the sealing side of the products good quality sealing sideband sealing closely, the poor quality of the sealing sideband seal sealing side large crevice of the products, there is a black line. When trimming machine backer easy to scrape on the surface. Thick sealing sideband from section, agglutination the central should be slightly concave on the sides, the sealing sideband seal sealing side of the products more closely, the effect is good. ( 3) Don't too high, real wood sealing side, the moisture content of materials should be stored in a cool and dry room and base material requirements without dust, moisture content in the 8 - 10%. ( 4) Because of the sealing side quickly, adhesive at low pressure to have good dispersivity and permeability of base material, want to have a good initial adhesion, in a short time should be under the pressure of instant glue, binding solid. Attention should be paid to ensure that the temperature of the hot melt adhesive when used in normal temperature range, long time high temperature can make the glue; Low temperature hot melt adhesive to reach good liquidity, when using data to master good suppliers. ( 5) Hot melt adhesive glue amount should be slightly outside so that the agglutination component extruding glue, too big, there is a black line sealing side, affect beautiful. Is too small, bonding strength is not enough. To test whether film continuously, can use transparent hard PVC bring test; Also can use ordinary sealing sideband sealing side, before the glue will sealing sideband off test on cooling. ( 6) For the use of woodworking equipment excellent milling cutter device manufacturers, to edge cutting of semi-finished products quality also affect the sealing side effect. They have been used to prevent the product side, cutting notch saw ( Commonly known as small blade) , the best effect after cutting should be can see small blade section place mark but did not feel to the touch. Small blade mark too deep sealing side seal not firm, sealing side can see a black line can even see the aperture, so light and explosive.

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