cad/cam automates moldmaking process.

by:Gewinn     2020-06-06
The software is not new for the mold manufacturing market, but the software packages that specifically target their processes continue to appear.
Many mold manufacturing processes have become so automated that there is little need for intervention during processing.
However, the user indicates that the problem persists when data is transferred from CAD to the cam system, digital data is introduced, or molds are made using the original 2D drawing.
The common denominator in each case is the need to recreate the geometry in 3D before the mold manufacturing process begins.
This is especially critical over timeto-
The market plays an increasingly important role in the competitive ability of a company.
According to Jeff Wagner, programmer and designer of S-
The technical department of Albany, or the company gets the same percentage of work from each format ---
IGES files in 2D or 3D as well as drawings or sketches. S-
Tech processes and manufactures prototypes for various industries. S-
Tech uses autodesk\'s autocad and Camax\'s SmartCam free surface machining to program the itsFadal CNC milling machine.
\"We do some Workshop work, do a lot of wax mold transformation for the foundry, make new molds for them, and also do a lot of inspection fixtures.
We make molds for products such as golf clubs, knee joints and hip joints, screws, pins and things that fall off of titanium, as well as some tools.
The biggest problem for us is the creation of geometry and getting a good surface model.
\"Cutting is no longer a problem once we design and draw the tool.
SmartCam does a good job, so programming the actual toolpath is no longer a problem.
I haven\'t come across anything that we can\'t cut correctly.
It draws and slices the actual parts correctly in a way that you can make tools.
Instead of spending a week or two programming a mold, we do it in two hours.
\"Sometimes we have to laser scan the hard-carved epoxy model to get the curve of the part, which is very difficult because there is a software that is used to process this data.
\"If you have 30 surfaces separated, you get the scanned data, and the software forces you to build the part as a surface,\" Wagner said . \". S-
Tech has been using SmartCam for six or seven years.
Mr Wagnerlike likes the fact that the software is easy to use and can be created quickly.
Camax\'s partnership with Autodesk in sosarito, California is also a key factor.
When Mr Wagner introduces data from AutoCAD, there is no need to clean up to convert to SmartCAM.
\"Solid Modeling in AutoCAD allows us to import solid models in smartcam, so there is no need to recreate the surface.
The Solid entity modeling kernel makes it work very well.
The latest release of AutoCAD, its mechanical desktop, with high
End the packaging and have the smaller stores do the work they couldn\'t do before.
\"The relationship with SmartCam and the ability to import the physical model directly makes it a really good package,\" Wagner said . \".
Because everyone is using software now, it is important to do the right thing for the first time.
\"We don\'t get an advantage, we just stay competitive,\" Mr Wagner said . \".
Software companies such as anSurfware Inc. , San Fernando, California, Camax manufacturing technology, MN Minneapolis, have a good understanding of what is needed and why, because both companies are from the machining industry
These companies write software for the metal processing process and develop the software into a separate business.
Previously only companies related to design expertise, such as likeMatra Datavision and Parametric Technology Corp. , have mastered the modeling concepts that are critical to the machining model and continue to be on the CAM market
While others are bringing professional projects for analytical and surface treatment capabilities.
Software designed to handle scanned data from other devices often used in CMMs or reverse engineering applications can be obtained from Waltham MA\'s parameter technology company and image ware of MI AnnArbor.
Parametric provides its Pro/Scan tool, an optional module that can fit curves and surfaces by scanning the data, and then transfer the point data to Pro/E in a neutral file. Real-
The time graph is used to determine the balance between the smooth surface and the scandata deviation.
Month on the ground of Imageware.
0 software visualizes, creates, modifies, and verifies 3D point data, polygon models, and Nurbsgeometry.
Its tools are designed to handle measurement data from any source, including the cloud-
Sensing technology.
Injection molding has recently attracted considerable attention in the software industry.
Express Systems & Engineering at CA Temecula produces complex plastic injection molds and automated assembly equipment for the pool cleaning system, professional medical supplies, cosmetics and spa industries.
Express recent faces some challenges in making pillowcase molds for spa manufacturers.
The project requires cutting large injection molds with complex surfaces and textures, and then a series of hydraulic control time-
Its final design is sequential injection.
The Spa manufacturer forwards the original design file to the fast prototype store in IGESformat format.
At the time of prototyping, the prototype store modified the original design and the spa manufacturer requested a new specification.
By the time express receives the design file, it has been modified on two different cad systems and has gone through two translations as an IGES file.
According to Mike Arndt, president of express, \"Our first question is to explain the complex surfaces of the design on our computer so that we can design from the original solid model or wireframe
Between the translation of the file-
From the initial software package to the prototype store to our CAD system, the massive loss of information has caused us some serious problems.
The part of the original design geometry is missing or removed from the IGES file we received, and every time one of our operators tries to manipulate or redraw the file, it becomes very troublesome and very
Work consumption.
\"Express, based on previous experience with wire from software vendors, switched from DPTechnology at CA Camarillo to Espirit, CAD/CAM softwareEDM program.
The CAD file for spamfacturer is used as a test and there is no problem when loading.
DPpresident Dan Frayssinet attributes this to the fact that the system uses surfaces that represent all surfaces.
DP also builds proprietary algorithms in the software that explain the geometry of complex surfaces.
\"When interpreting the original wireframe design file, it is technically impossible for any CAD system to process only one surface, if there is a sharp angle.
Instead, two surfaces must be created and mixed in order to eliminate non-continuity.
Mr. Frayssinet explained: \"The new algorithm allows Espirithandle to have one surface and then intersect the other, mixing without user intervention.
Western industrial toolsWIT)
Redmond, Washington, also produces plastic injection molds.
In addition to signing contracts with Microsoft, Compaq, Texas Instruments and fluke, WIT also makes molds for HP
Disposable plastic table spray gas cylinder in Packard.
HPrequires 3 million parts per year, no more than 1 ppm rejection.
Before the design is completed, we usually start the mold first.
According to NC programmer tony Hillyerd of NC, \"as the product design progresses, the changes in SURFCAM are incorporated into the tool design.
\"The company works with the customer\'s product designers, from design to prototypes to finished molds.
Data sets used to process molds or electrodes are also used to check the accuracy of the final product.
\"We are pushing the boundaries on the NC side of things.
We want to improve the way customers provide data so that they can cut the electrodes . \"
\"It wasn\'t until a few years ago that companies like us would get engineering data in regular paper form.
Now, the company transfers CADfiles back and forth electronically.
We are getting the customer\'s 3D color model to start our engineering work and develop CNC programs for the electrodes.
Ernst Buchmayer, president of WIT, said tool manufacturing has undergone an evolution in the past few years. \"High-
The tech plastic has replaced the metal and is actually stronger than steel.
\"Computer technology forces the mold manufacturing business to be constantly updated to meet the needs of the industry and thus be competitive,\" he said . \".
Matra Datavision of Ma Andover recently teamed up with moldflow to solve the problems inherent in the injection molding process.
Moldflow Pty Ltd of CT Shelton will provide Matra\'s geometric quality inspection tools for dynamic series product lines, and Matra will embed Moldflow MF/flow check in its stripe surface modeling system.
\"The Matra partnership provides two important benefits for mobile flow users,\" explains William Hicock, president of mobile flow . \".
\"It is very flexible and capable of efficiently processing data from various cad systems, creating a grid of boundary surfaces that can be further processed by the Moldflow MF/Midplane system.
After completing the analysis and optimizing the product design, other Moldflow products can be used in conjunction with the Strim CAM function to speed up the mold manufacturing process.
\"Intelligent Process control of mobile flow (IPC)
The technology uses the data generated during the analysis and subsequent process simulation process to automatically monitor and control the plastic flow inside the injection molding machine.
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