Classification and description of Tenon machines for wood processing equipment

by:Gewinn     2020-02-29
Wood processing equipment double-headed tenon tenoning machine is actually the composition of two double-headed tenon tenoning machines located on both sides of steel parts for Tenon opening together on both sides. The steel parts are clamped tightly on the two chain-rail feeding equipments which run in the same position to move the knife to the cutter shaft. The total width of the mortise can be adjusted by moving the movable pole. This kind of mortise machine has high output rate and is suitable for mass production. Dovetail Tenon tenoning machine is used to produce and process the whole line through dovetail tenon or semi-hidden dovetail Tenon. The dovetail-shaped turning tool is installed on the vertical spindle bearing, and the two steel plates are clamped vertically on the working platform. The operating table makes a fitness exercise along the 'U' shaped movement track along the mould, and produces and processes yang-yin dovetail Tenon together. The operating table is also fixed, and the cutter shaft is used as a 'U' shaped motion track for fitness exercise. Provisions on machinery and equipment (1) The suspension wall is fixed and firm, and the V-shaped slide rail has no shortcomings; (2) . The hanging wall adjustment equipment should be intact, and the clamping should be reliable; (3) . The precise positioning on the fixed bracket and the fixed bracket, the stop equipment should be intact, the precise positioning is accurate, and the stop is reliable; (4) The limit switch equipment dragged before and after the fixed bracket should be smart and reliable; (5), Roll-on should be installed solid, flip flexible. The steel ball is cracked, lacking or the rolling rail is loose, and the application is prohibited. (6)The saw shaft should have no significant deformation or destruction; (7), Flange piece should be no crack or damage; (8), CNC lathe should be grounded protection (Zero), And there are significant signs; (9) The protective cover of woodworking saw blade should be intact and adjustable; (10) . The adjusting equipment of the operating table is intact, and the clamping is reliable; (12) , Woodworking saw blade protection cover, chip removal cover and transmission belt protection cover should be intact and firm; The comb Tenon tenoning machine includes the sound card frame, the machine tool itself, the operation desk, two cutting saws and two comb knives, and the two cutting saws and two comb knives are located on both sides of the operation desk; The operating table is placed on the slide rail of the machine tool itself, and its structural characteristic is that a conveying belt driven by an electric motor moves under the working platform, and a cylinder for up and down fitness exercise is set under both sides of the operating table, each of the upper and lower fitness exercise cylinders is equipped with a pressure gauge, and the two pressure gauges are respectively connected with a pressure cylinder capable of lifting, the up and down exercise cylinder moves up and down to push the up and down moving pressure gauge and the pressure cylinder that can lift up and down to move; On the operating table, it is located on both sides of the pressure cylinder, and there are adjustable grids on each side. One adjustable grid is located at the end of the feed inlet, and the other adjustable grid is located at the end of the feed inlet; There is a hydraulic cylinder in the middle of the slide rail, and the wood is fed from the conveying belt and then promoted according to the hydraulic cylinder. According to the pressure cylinder and the up and down fitness exercise cylinder that can lift, the up and down, up and down, left and right fitness exercise is accurate and easy to operate. The working characteristics of the longitudinal cutting numerical control lathe are that the four claws in the spindle bearing clamp the round rod for rotating and radial knife walking exercise, and the numerical control blade for axial fitness exercise; If the numerical control blade is stationary, the spindle bearing box is fed into the milling inner hole; While the spindle bearing box is stationary, the axial feeding of the numerical control blade is the turning groove, forming or disconnecting; When the two do compound fitness exercise together, they can enter the work of driving cone or forming surface layer. The whole process of the circulation system of the numerical control lathe is usually carried out in various drilling work for the spindle bearing clamping round bar, and then disconnected. After the parts are disconnected, the four claws are loosened and the spindle bearing box is returned. At this time, the round rod is applied to the disconnecting knife by means of the heavy hammer energy in the feed frame. After the spindle bearing box is returned to the initial position, the four-flap claw clamp, then disconnect the knife and return it, and then start a circulation system. After a round bar is used up, according to the effect of two series commercial insurance power switches on the feeding Wall and behind the machine tool itself, the numerical control lathe is fully automatic parking and the details of the final parts are ensured.
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