Comparison and selection of sanding machine graphite cloth

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Graphite cloth, as a kind of solid lubrication material, form a complete set of application in sanding machine ( A kind of woodworking machinery, or sand machine) 。 So the range of products using a single, small, so for now, worldwide brands and types of graphite cloth, in addition to the size of a few domestic enterprises in the production of products, production earlier, mature technology and products cover range is PEC Hermes graphite cloth made in Germany and the United States company's HD type graphite cloth. Hermes graphite cloth with PEC company production of HD type graphite cloth, the service life of the two long 3 - than domestic products 5 times; The extension of service life, avoid in the process of production, frequent replacement of graphite cloth, thereby saving a lot of work time. And in the long run, the production cost is down than the domestic similar products. Therefore, domestic large and require higher quality of sanding production enterprises choose to import more graphite cloth. At present commonly used several kinds of graphite cloth: 1, domestic graphite cloth: the thickness in 1. 8 - 2. 5 mm, smooth surface, less visible graphite flake, texture is soft, graphite coating is not easy to appear when bending crack. Occasional domestic market generic PEC company's HD graphite cloth in the United States, but not mature production technology, product performance is not perfect, in terms of the service life of the wear-resistant and heat-resistant, PEC company HD graphite cloth with the United States there is a big gap. 2, Germany Hermes graphite cloth: thickness in 1. About 6 mm, the surface of graphite particles is small, a small particle, but no common light graphite flake; A hard, graphite coating has obvious crack when bending. This is a rare graphite cloth in the domestic market at present. 3, the PEC company HD graphite cloth: the thickness of 1. About 6 mm; On the surface of graphite coating uneven, but the graphite flake large and bright; A hard, when bending, graphite coating has a small crack, but does not affect the use; Wear resistance high temperature resistant, long service life, and can achieve the domestic like product use 3 - time 5 times. Used in the production of particleboard, large density board production line. At present, the domestic market sales agent in pingdu halma woodworking machinery fittings factory mainly wholesale, retail. Less
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