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Comprehensive woodworking saw introduction - Gewinn woodworking machine factory


In this article, 2020 top woodworking machine supplier, Gewinn United Co., LTD. talks about wood cutting saw machine's classification and its operation guide for safety and security for both operators and wood cutting saw machine. 

Wood blade saw

A woodworking saw, is one of the woodworking tools carpenters operate for wood furniture process, divided into frame saw, knife saw, groove saw, plate saw and so on.

Wood blade saw is mainly composed of blade and saw part, which can be divided into one side saw, two sides saw, clip back saw. Single-sided wood blade saw length 350mm, one side has a tooth blade, according to the function of the tooth blade,  wood blade saw can be divided into vertical cutting saw and horizontal cutting saw;Double-sided saw is with length of 300mm, both sides have tooth blade, the tooth blade of both sides is generally one side for longitudinal cutting saw, the other side for transverse cutting saw.The blade length of the jigsaw saw is 250-300mm. The jigsaw saw back is clamped straight with steel bars.  Saw's teeth are fine.

Wood hand saw
Board saw is knowed as hand saw. As hand saw is composed of a handlebar and a saw blade with a length of about 250-750mm and a tooth spacing of 3-4mm. The board saw is mainly used for cutting wider boards.


Operation guide of woodworking saw from Gewinn woodworking saw 

    Horizontal band saw

    In process of wood sawing, put wood on the bench, put the right foot on the wood, and form a right Angle with the wood saw line, the left foot stand straight, and the saw line into a 60° Angle, the right hand and the right knee into a vertical Angle, the person and the saw line about 45° Angle is appropriate, the upper body slightly bent slightly, but do not flutter left, right.

    Wood saw cutting, the right hand holding the woodworking saw, the left thumb leaning on the saw blade to locate, the right hand holding the saw gently push a few (pull after push), open saw road, left hand leaving the saw side, when the saw cut into wood 5mm, the left hand to help the right hand lifting frame saw.

    When lifting the saw, it should be light and raise the saw hand slightly. When feeding the saw, it should be heavy with the force of wrist, elbow and shoulder as well as the waist.

    In this way, the saw blade can move along the cutting line.

    Otherwise, the edge of the wood after longitudinal cutting will bend not straight, or the saw-mouth section up and down.


           Vertical band saw

    • When sawing, put the wood on the bench, operator stands in the left rear of the wood, the left hand presses the wood, the right hand holds the saw, the left foot presses the wood, wood saw method and the longitudinal cut method is the same.

    • When using a frame saw, the lower end of the saw blade should be tilted forward.

    • The upper end of the longitudinal saw blade is tilted back at an Angle of about 75°-90° (Angle with the wood surface), while the transverse saw blade is tilted back at an Angle of about 30°-45°.

    • Always keep the saw blade along the line and not offset.

    • The mouth of woodworking saw should be straight, and the blade should not sway from side to side.

    • When the wood is about to be sawed, operator should hold the left hand to steady the cutting material, slow down the cutting speed, cut all the wood all the time, do not leave any, let it break or break with hand, this is easy to damage the saw blade, the wood will tear along the grain, affect the quality.

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