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Woodworking machinery safety knowledge from Gewinn, best woodworking machinery manufacturer


We all know that woodworking machinery equipment will always be broken one day, but if there are regular maintenance and repair and correct use, you can maximize the life of woodworking machinery, so in the maintenance and use of wood machinery, what we are supposed to do?

First of all, equipped with full-time or part-time electrical maintenance personnel, let them practice regular maintenance on your woodworking machinery and electrical maintenance. Woodworking machinery and electrical appliances maintenance personnel professional level requirements are higher, wood furniture factory general electrical personnel on the difficulty of machinery and electrical maintenance is still with certain difficulties. But under guidance of wood machine manufacturer, they could do a good job in the daily maintenance of electrical appliances and regular maintenance, at any time to eliminate woodworking machinery electrical appliances in the use of the process of accident hidden dangers.

In addition, in the process of wood mechanical use, to scientifically estimate the power of the machine is a must, so as the allocation of a reasonable meter capacity. Furniture manufacturer must reestimate the total capacity of electricity consumption after adding machine equipment, the original capacity of electrical appliances must be insufficient to increase capacity, factory can not wait until wood machine is out of order to increase capacity.Light add equipment does not increase power consumption capacity, this is equal to buried the hidden danger of electrical disaster risk.

Electrical wiring must be checked periodically and obsolete cables with insufficient cross-sectional area must be replaced to ensure the use of wood machinery and electrical appliances. In the case of regional voltage stability, the replacement of cable can be considered if the voltage within a unit is unstable. Capacity increase and cable replacement should be considered in the case of regional voltage instability.

Finally adjust the power use frequency, reasonable use of electricity.

Woodworking machinery has a large and small power consumptions , in furniture production to reasonable with different power size of machinery, to maintain the relative balance of power consumption per unit of time machinery.

With the increase of furniture products, woodworking machinery is also under continuous growth, so as the maintenance of wood machinery and safety use to pay attention to, not only can they improve the efficiency of furniture processing, but also effectively extend the life of wood machinery.

    Safe operation of woodworking machinery

    1. Machinery without safety protection device or failure shall not be used.

    2. The operation of woodworking machinery is strictly prohibited to wear gloves, and operator should tie the cuffs, trim the corner, buckle the button, the lesbian must wear a working hat, long hair must not be exposed.

    3. No nails, iron wires, hinges, stones, sand and other sundries are allowed in the processed wood; otherwise, it shall be thoroughly cleaned in advance.

    4. For materials with cracks (oblique layers) and knobs, do not feed too quickly and keep hand as far away from wood cutting tool as possible.

    5.Handlng wood should pay attention to the front and back, left and right no one and obstacles. When stacking high wood, it is necessary to nail it firmly to prevent accidents.

    6. When lifting wood with iron hook,  iron hook shall be inserted into the wood, and shall not be hooked on the surface of  wood. In case the wood falls down and causes an accident.

    7. Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the workplace, and necessary fire fighting equipment shall be set up; Smoking and boil glue should be in the designated place, boil glue after fire should be completely extinguished, or boil glue place is not allowed to leave.

    8. After the completion of  work, the power should be cut off, and shavings, wood chips and other clean with a broom, do not use hands to wipe directly.

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