Elenics Japan launches micro-hole EDM machine 'MH6'

by:Gewinn     2022-05-14
EDM is the machine tool that is best at machining micro holes. Recently, Elenics Company of Japan took the lead in developing the EDM machine 'MH6' which is commercialized and capable of machining engine micro-hole fuel injectors with seats. There is a step in the middle of the injection hole with a seat, and different diameters need to be changed, the diameter of which is 0.03 ~ 0.1mm, so a six-axis controlled micro-hole EDM machine is used. The machine tool is equipped with a functional device that can automatically exchange machining electrodes and guides as standard. Components can be expanded into six groups, and can be composed of at least one component, which can be arbitrarily selected according to user requirements. After the fuel nozzle is machined, the EDM fluid can be automatically injected in the reverse direction from the nozzle hole. For this purpose, a specific test system using a flow sensor is installed to detect conditions such as poor machining, and it is also equipped with the ability to do the machining hole. Analysis option system. 'MH6' is composed of multiple parts in parallel, and it is designed on the premise of mass production. The supply and recovery of workpieces are automated by using a linear robot that moves left and right between the parts and optional equipment. Since the engine nozzle perforation processing production line can greatly save labor, it has attracted the attention of the Japanese automobile industry. The application fields of micro-hole EDM machines are expanding and tending to diversify. The micro-hole EDM machine starts from the processing of parts in a single state to the processing unit of a systematic, mass production line, which is considered to be a major progress in the development of micro-hole EDM.
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