elon musk\'s boring company set to unveil its first los angeles-area tunnel

by:Gewinn     2019-08-30
Steve Gorman, Los Angeles, December 18 (Reuters)-
The Boring Company, Elon Musk\'s underground transportation company, plans to launch its first tunnel on Tuesday, two years after the billionaire entrepreneur complained about the Los Angeles traffic accident, he vowed to \"start digging\" as a remedy.
Musk\'s advertisement for him. mile (3. 2 km)
Tunnel as the first step in the development of high technology
Fast underground network for transporting vehicles and pedestrians below the second crowded street
The largest city in America.
Tunnel, original proofof-
The concept was dug along a road not through Los Angeles, but under the nearby city of Hawthorne, where Musk\'s Boring Company and his SpaceX rocket company are home to headquarters.
The Boring Company announced plans for a live webcast at 8: 00 on Tuesday night. m. local time (0400 GMT)
It calls it the \"product release\" of the tunnel, but gives few details.
Earlier this month, Musk said on Twitter that the big news will include \"automatic transportation of cars and underground tunnel elevators \".
\"The boring website describes a passenger system --and automobile-
Carrying \"skates\", once put down from the underground of the street, it is possible to pass through the tunnel through electricity.
Musk, head of the most famous Tesla electric vehicle manufacturer and energy company, complained in December 2016 about L. A.
The traffic at that time \"drove me crazy\", promised to \"make a boring machine and start digging.
\"In May, the company previewed the first tunnel to the world and released a quick
The internal video taken by the camera along the length of the cylindrical channel, which is about 12 feet in length (3. 7 m)in diameter.
Musk promised to cross the tunnel free of charge after the opening of the tunnel, which also caused a sensation --
\"Like a strange little Disney tour in Los AngelesA. \" -
Get public feedback before making a larger system.
However, it remains doubtful whether the permit obtained by Musk to dig what was then called an experimental tunnel would allow access to the public.
\"There will be no cars or people in the study tunnel,\" according to the special minutes of the Hawthorne City Council\'s review of the project\'s easement in August 2017.
The Boring Company said on its website, \"due to incredible high demand, the trip through the Hawthorne test tunnel is only an invitation.
\"If successful, the Hawthorne tunnel is conceived as a final connection to other tunnel networks that have not yet been approved or built.
The Boring Company canceled a slightly longer plan last month. 7-
A mile west of Los Angeles has settled a lawsuit filed by community groups opposed to the project.
But Musk\'s company has announced that it is pushing forward a tunnel across the town to connect the Dodge stadium, home to the city\'s major league baseball team, with existing subway lines.
In June, boredom was selected by Chicago as 17-
A one-mile underground transportation system connecting the city and O\'Hare International Airport.
The company also proposed an East Coast loop from Washington. C.
To the suburbs of Maryland. (
Steve Gorman reports, editor of Bill Tarante and Rosalba O\'Brien)
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