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elon musk\'s hat is


                                                                                   It is real. Sort of.
Billionaire Elon Musk has turned the idea of space, electric cars and payment innovation into reality, using Twitter to launch a series of plans for underground tunnels, these tunnels will help ease the infamous traffic jams in Los Angeles.
Now, the \"boring company\" even has its own hat.
Musk posted a photo of a black baseball cap on Twitter on Sunday, with no other details.
But this is another interesting teaser about Musk\'s alleged plan to dig holes underground in Los Angeles, for commuters.
Or at least himself.
This is another option for the city\'s clogged highways and Boulevard.
The tunnel tweet started in December.
\"Traffic drives me crazy,\" Musk wrote . \".
\"I\'m going to build a tunnel rig and start digging. . .
It will be called \"Boring Company \".
\"Then, in January, he launched a few more tidbits, answering Twitter users\' questions about where the tunnel is.
\"From the time I was across from SpaceX\'s desk,\" he said . \".
\"Crenshaw and 105 Highway 5 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport.
\"Crenshaw is a major avenue on both north and south sides of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, close to Hawthorne\'s headquarters in Hawthorne, a Los Angeles suburb.
If Musk is serious about the underground network, he may hit some barricades.
Obtaining a permit can be a daunting task.
Plans to extend the Long Beach Highway to the ground through the San Gabriel Valley, known as \"the most expensive, according to US media reports, most of the pollution and the most ineffective way to cope with the transportation difficulties in the Los Angeles areaS.
A research group on public interest organized by consumer supervision.
But if anyone can create an underground matrix, it could be Musk said last month that his SpaceX company plans to send two private citizens into space by the end of next year. For any non-
Musk, a believer, made clear his intentions in December.
\"I will really do this,\" he wrote on Twitter . \".                                                                            

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