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german killed in corrib gas tunnel accident


                                                                                   Investigation continues after a German maintenance worker died while working in the tunnelBoring machine (TBM)
In the controversial shell rib tunnel. Work on the 4. 9km (3-mile)
Immediately after the incident, the tunnel that brought natural gas from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mayo coast stopped. Lars Wagner (26)
Having worked for Herrenknecht, the company subcontractor who built the tunnel, is believed to have been working on large heavy-duty boring machines as part of the machine maintenance support staff with an inner diameter of about 3. 5m (11ft 5in).
It is understood that he was injured in the head after the valve on the giant boring machine burst.
His body was later taken to Castlebar General Hospital. mortem.
Gardai and inspector of the Health and Safety Agency (HSA)
After reporting the incident before nine o\'clock A. M.  yesterday, go to the Aughoose site in north Mayo.
A statement from the Wayss & Freytag BAM civil joint venture involved in the construction of the tunnel said that the operation was suspended immediately after the accident occurred at about 1.
8 km from the coastal end of the tunnel under Sruwaddacon Bay.
It confirmed a complete cooperation.
A coordinated investigation into the incident has been launched and coordination is being indicated
With two police stations and health services.
Mr.  Wagner was one of some German people working in the tunnel.
According to local sources, the victim has just returned from a holiday with his family in Germany.
On Saturday, after the death of a workplace at Greenstar waste recycling facility in the Ballymount industrial zone in Dublin, inspectors from the Royal Academy of Sciences were also completing inspections of the site. A 41-year-
The old foreigner who lives in clone new roportstown was crushed by a forklift while working with a colleague who stored the old kitchen appliances around three o\'clock P. M.
Both men were rushed to tarragut hospital after the man was declared dead.                                                                            

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