EU releases new standard for lathes in 2010

by:Gewinn     2022-05-02
The European Union issued a new standard for lathe machinery in 2010, EN ISO 23125:2010 Machine tools–Safety–Turning Machines, which is applicable to turning machine tools and will be enforced from November 2010 to replace the four different standards. Type of lathe standard. In short, since November 2010, all turning machine tools must comply with the specifications of EN ISO 23125. This action of the European Union will reconcile the four scattered lathe related standards with international standards in one fell swoop. All over the world, it is necessary to update the current on-site manufacturing specifications, declarations and certificates for lathes to the latest standards. The new standard stipulates the following aspects: 1. Classification and usage specifications of patterns. 2. The category requirements for safety-related control functions mentioned in the previous version of the standard have been replaced by 'performance levels' (PLr). The standard derived from EN ISO 13849-1 will replace EN 954-1 in 2012. 3. The new version of the standard has requirements for the work exchange of the main and sub-spindles, the broach part, etc. In addition, there are new regulations such as the thickness and strength of the protective sheet metal that is not directly impacted, the protection of the exit of the chip conveyor, and even the speed of rapid feed in manual mode.
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