German machine tool order demand is sluggish and there is no sign of recovery

by:Gewinn     2022-05-20
The German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (VDW) recently stated that from the perspective of the current serious demand crisis, even if it is estimated from the middle of the year, it is difficult to see any signs of early recovery in the German machine tool industry. In the second quarter of this year, German machine tool orders fell by 65%, of which domestic orders fell by 71% and foreign orders fell by 61%. In the first half of 2009, the overall German machine tool orders fell by 67%, of which domestic demand fell by 71%, and foreign orders fell by 65%. In this regard, VDW Executive Director Dr. Wilfried Schäfer said: 'In just one year, our orders have shrunk significantly, reaching only 1/3 of the level of the same period last year.' Adsale Machinery Industry Network was informed that Dr. Schäfer also pointed out that, This has nothing to do with the competitiveness of German manufacturers. Looking at the international market, German machine tools have excellent positioning advantages in terms of technology and price. Not only that, German machine tools are an important cornerstone to ensure high-efficiency industrial production and high levels of productivity. The current predicament is that the customer side has no need for additional production, and the demand for new equipment is naturally sluggish. Globally, during the economic boom in the past few years, most of the large-scale users of the machine tool industry have established considerable storage capacity. Under the current order slump, many equipment in these users' production bases has been idle, and upstream supply has been Businesses are also implicated in not being able to keep equipment running at full capacity. This in turn affects the business of machine tool manufacturers in maintenance services, which is generally a relatively less responsive segment to the economic situation. Dr. Schäfer regrets that 'the signs of growth in industrial production are far from reaching the machine tool sectorBut overall, machine tool makers will only be able to regain their productive boom when customers return to full capacity, bring new products to market, and start to look forward to future business development. The positioning of the situation before that, for machine tool manufacturers, can still only be said to be a further continuation of the difficult period.
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