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Who can get it? Gewinn United will Bring a Large Discount on IFMAC&WOODMAC


The 2017 IFMAC&WOODMAC Indonesia will be held on Sept 27-30th ! Gewinn United’s booth is B3-I09. Welcome for your coming!!

Just for this time Gewinn United will show you the latest equipment which is the High Frequency Wooden Frame Joining Machine. And it will be sold at a favourable price on the show, only 1!

First, we can know about the Wooden Frame Joining Machine.

Gewinn High frequency wooden frame joining machine

  1. High speed: glue is solidified in 2-6 seconds , and it can operate on the assembly line.  

  2. Saving labor: it saves a lot of time for loading and checking , and operate without fixtures.

  3. High quality: no need to use staple gun and improves subsequent procedures, the glue can solidified under high pressure.

  4. High precision: it adopt the ball screw and precision linear guide, and control the machine with motor, diagonal error minimization.

  5. Low cost: a frame only costs about 0.003-0.04KW/h.

  6. Convenience: it adopts touch screen of human machine interface and PLC automatic control for dimension adjustment, with it is the most advanced wooden frame machine in the world.

The point is that it can be suitable for fast assembling of all kinds of wooden frame, with or without tennon, which adopts high frequency power heating,four-angle pressurized mode.

It’s cost-saving, not merely sea freight, but high tariff. Only this one, first come&first served. If you are interested, can contact Gewinn United for more details at anytime but before 30th ,Sept. Email:info@gewinn.com.cn


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