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Hot sale-Gewinn United Full auto Finger joint production line FJL150 8A


*Full automatic finger jointing line technology to complete the processes of finger shaping,glue application,conveying,jointing and pressing of wood pieces.

*Using German electrical control element that guarantees operation efficiency,durability and stability.

*With the use of encoder to detect the composed length of wood,the operation is more flexible and accurate.

*With the use of Japanese micro-computer control system,the operation is simply user-friendly.

*Complete with CE safety standard for controls,user friendly operation function,stable,reliable & safe to operate.

*Through multiple technological innovations,the machine can be tailored to different requirement in raw material sizes,suitable for different levels of moisture content and hardness.

*High precision link up of working process and multifaceted sensory feedback ensures stability in operation compared to traditional Finger Joint technology.

*With the use of noise reduction technology,together with cushioning and sound proof design for vibrating parts,it keeps noise level to minimum and maximizes its stability and machine life span compared to traditional Finger Joint design.

*Proper dust removal design that can be incorporated into either centralized or individual dust collection system that keeps the pollution by sawdust to minimum.

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