In 2011, the Spanish machine tool industry paid attention to the Chinese market

by:Gewinn     2022-06-08
The Spanish machine tool industry continues to maintain its position as one of the most important machine tool powers in the world, ranking eighth in the world (third in Europe). More than half of the production is exported, and its markets include Germany, France and Italy. However, China's role in this market has become increasingly important, becoming one of the top ten targets for Spain's exports in 2005, ranking seventh. In addition, Spanish Machine Tools' presence in China has become increasingly important since the signing of important sales agreements with several Chinese customers, with more and more afm members strengthening their sales channels in China (wholesalers, agents, owning license or own the product). This is the result of afm promoting and promoting trade relations with China, afm organized some events in 2006, such as participating in the ccmt2006 trade fair in Shanghai, with 8 members participating in the exhibition, and the upcoming trade mission in June. But these are not comparable to the project of Tianjin College, and the vocational training center in cooperation with proschools is about to be put into operation (proschools, a partner institution of afm, started operation in December 2003). This project opens up a new channel of cooperation between the two countries on machine tool training and trade. All this proves that China has been treated as one of the priority markets by the Spanish machine tool industry.
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