In the numerical control woodworking lathe gear fault causes and solutions?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-26
Numerical control woodworking lathe is gear, when our problems in the numerical control woodworking lathe gear, will think of some way to go to find the reason and processing, the specific method in the following paragraphs we detailed introduce you to everybody. Numerical control equipment as now people more often use mechanical equipment its development also is in focus, but the development of the device will have its prelude and progress, need everyone to take some time to adapt to and understand. As the use of the innovation of the wood lathe equipment numerical control woodworking lathe is still a hot spot. But sometimes not too concerned about some problems in choosing equipment, recently there is a user telephone to inquire about the problem of numerical control woodworking lathe gear processing, the following will give you a brief introduction: we all know that the numerical control woodworking lathe will work according to the gears in motion, but the problem is the gear if there is a problem, we should be how to handle? Here, just simple introduce for everybody: the main form of failure of gear agglutination, wear, broken teeth, pitting. Agglutination: when the gear at high speed, large load or under the condition of lubrication failure, direct contact with the two tooth surface formation of local high temperature contact region appear large-area adhesion phenomenon, for gluing. Wear: gear transmission process, the relative sliding on the surface of the tooth will cause wear and tear; Broken teeth: is in gear transmission due to various reasons, one or more broken tooth gear failure; Pitting: gear transmission process, the contact stress of gear contact each point on the surface of a pulsating cycle change, after a period of time, due to the contact surface of metal fatigue and the formation of a small fatigue crack, crack extension caused by metal flake, form pitting; We can be reasonable lubrication, to delay or prevent the failure of the gear. Believe that everyone in reading the above issues are handled can help you. If you have any other questions about CNC woodworking lathe to understand welcome call advisory!
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