Including the maintenance of board type furniture

by:Gewinn     2020-04-27
Put the ground of board type furniture must maintain level, four legs balanced on the ground. If furniture put, often in a rocking motion state of instability, time will make a joint falls off or fasteners, binding part of the craze, so as to effect use effect and reduce the useful service life of furniture. In addition, if the ground soft make furniture imbalance, don't use wood or iron mat furniture legs, so even if the balance, it is hard to force uniform, long term damage furniture interior structure, compensation method is finishing the ground, or use a larger area of the hard rubber is spread in the south, in order to make smooth furniture legs on the ground. Removing dust in pure cotton knitted fabric when we clear the dust on the furniture, and then with a soft wool brush to clean sag or relief grain of dust. After the furniture of paint processing, avoid is used a gasoline or organic solvents to wipe, available colorless furniture polish is wiped, in order to enhance luster less fallout. Avoid Yang put furniture put good position from direct sunlight, often can make furniture oil film sun fade, metal accessories easy oxidation, wood easy to brittle. Use the curtain covering the sun in summer, in order to protect the furniture. Indoor humidity is to maintain indoor humidity, don't let furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp. Use humidifier should be limited in age season time, to prevent damage due to humidity furniture, such as wood does decayed, corrosion of the metal, bonding parts easy to glue out, etc. Furniture cleaning water less as far as possible at ordinary times, need more cream with buck, only appropriate twisted net water wet cloth to wipe, then use dry cloth to wipe clean. As long as do the above, the board type furniture of your home is not so easy to deformation. With a twist dry wet towel, so as to avoid scratching the paint. Avoid moisture and sunlight. Avoid contact with acids, alkalis and other corrosive liquids. Afraid of drag board type furniture, small furniture need to move, to lift the furniture to the bottom of the big furniture good professional company to help. Put the must put furniture flat, solid, avoid deformation caused by local dangling furniture. Move the furniture, be sure to the four corners and raised, avoid drag about on the ground, so as not to affect the service life of furniture. Furniture appropriate USES dry cleaning cloth, try to avoid washed, lest fade; Some applications such as leather leather cleaner cleaning, avoid clean with soap, washing powder, etc. A folding: woodworking machinery construction site requirements and characteristics of the next article: panel furniture production line heat big solutions
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