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Increase wood sanding machine capacity of 11 points


                                                                                   In order to safe production, increase the productivity of the wood sanding machine, the author summed up a total of 12 operating wooden door to share with you the main points of the sanding machine. 1, equipment on all roll some necessary equipped with safety protection cover, accurate use; 2, before closing or boot, it is necessary to tell fellow workers pay attention to, and closing machine, air machine running a minute, no anomalies before operation, no problem use; 3, when operating, it is prohibited to two pieces of different materials in one time, specifications of the wood; 4, feeding smooth, if found information walk cross or stuck, should reduce downtime face take out the wood; 5, cutting quantity should be 2 - every time 8 mm, if hard wood, in addition to cutting planing 6 should also reduce the feed speed, feed quantity, it is necessary to lead, and pay attention to avoid be wood springback hurt at any time; 7, processed timber length can not be shorter than before and after pressing wheel in the middle of the interval 8, scheduling, feeding speed is necessary in the operation scheduling; 9 not plane, processing of wood do not reduce operation, avoid damage to lifting equipment; 10, after the operation, cut off the power switch, clean the machine; 11 and maintenance procedures: wood sanding machine machine operator, it is necessary for every machine elevator components for oiling, cleaning and view the active injection system; Mechanics to filling equipment butter once a month, each quarter to machine to make a comprehensive view.                                                                            

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