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Better to use wood sanding machine


                                                                                   Fully mobilize the operators involved in wood sanding machine is made up of workers to operate and use, give full play to their activity is fundamental to good use, manage equipment to ensure that. Therefore, the GEWINN United company shall be the employees often protection equipment to promote teaching, active absorption of the masses to participate in equipment management, improve employee protection consciousness and sense of responsibility of the equipment. Reasonable allocation of wood sanding machine equipment operation management, should according to the characteristics of its production process and requirements, equipped with various types of equipment reasonably, that they can give full play to the efficiency. Habit to product variety, quantity and structure changing, adjusted from time to time and make the equipment can be used to produce the demand of the development. To supply wood sanding machine with better working environment not only to the equipment normal operation, the working environment extended use time limit, and mood has serious influence to the operator. Therefore, we should install the necessary anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, dustproof, shockproof device, equipped with instruments necessary measurement, safety equipment, also should have outstanding lighting and ventilation, etc. Set up sound a necessary regulations and rules, to ensure that equipment accurately using the first way is: (1) to formulate applications; (2) to formulate operating protection rules; (3) set up using the responsibility system; (4) establish protection criterion, protect competition appraisal activities. Points out, by the way, for the sake of accurate and reasonable use of equipment, must also be invention must conditions, for example: (1) according to the function, structure and other skills characteristic of machinery and equipment, proper organization mission and work load. Over the years, spell equipment appearance in some companies, it contains can't properly according to the work load to use equipment; (2) for wood sanding machines equipped with corresponding skill level of operators; (3) the invention outstanding work environment (4) to be used to protect the machine equipment of preaching and teaching skills. Second, wood sanding machine equipment using the preparatory work before the assignments include: technical documentation, skills training and equipment necessary for the operator to view and protection instrument, as well as all check the installation of the equipment, precision, function and safety equipment, point to the operators pay equipment accessories and so on. Skills data preparation includes equipment operating protection rules, smooth card, equipment common view and check the card, etc. For operator training includes skills teaching, security and business management three aspects. Operation after teaching, training the workers through the theory and the actual test, qualified rear can independent operation using wood sanding machine equipment.                                                                            

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