Komatsu Sanki improves AC servo presses and adds new options

by:Gewinn     2022-05-24
Komatsu Sanki (Headquarters: Tokyo) launched the remodeled AC servo press 'H1F' series. In addition to improving the processing speed, the new model also added an option of newly developed monitor software. The product line includes seven models with a pressurization capacity of 343.2 to 1961.4kN (35 to 200t), and prices start at 5.5 million yen (excluding tax). The new model first increases the processing speed by increasing the output power of the motor. The model with a pressurizing capacity of 343.2kN can process at 1.5 times the original speed. The display panel adopts an LCD screen with an area twice the original size. In addition, visibility is improved through color display. As an option, a software 'Visualization System' that monitors the machining status has been developed. The software detects sliding position, sliding speed and pressing force through sensors built into the press, and displays, processes and manages these data through a computer. Since mold making, mold adjustment, and molding precision management can be easily performed, defective products can be reduced. Previously, stamping has been accomplished with intuition and experience, but this time, digital data is used to manage the machining, so that it is possible to accumulate expertise in machining. The interface used by the software is standard on the press body. The software is priced at 800,000 yen (excluding tax) and is planned to be provided free of charge until December 2006. In terms of options, in addition to software, an automatic load compensation function is also added. This function can control the pressing force of the punching machine in production to a certain level, so as to stabilize the machining accuracy. The company is scheduled to exhibit the new model at the 'JIMTOF2006 (23rd Japan Machine Tool Show)' (Tokyo Ariake International Convention and Exhibition Center) held from November 1 to 8, 2006.
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