Machinery specialized in the production of CNC double side tenon machine | CNC tenons factory direct selling

by:Gewinn     2020-04-30
CNC double tenon machine, numerical control tenon machine, CNC dovetail mortise machine, pneumatic tenon machine series, such as a joint tenon and cutting tools, the precision, durability, and prevent the respect such as side damage did significantly improve, recognised by the customer's use, especially in small diameter line on the saw blade, to ensure the + 0. Any swap 02 mm cylindrical tolerance and saw blade, this shows that the machinery in the aspect of numerical control tenon tool is an important step of solid, has realized the breakthrough technology and precision. Machinery specialized in the production of CNC double tenon machine | numerical control tenon machine product features: multi-axis multi-station, continuous high speed milling, a set of processing at the same time, the other can be loading and unloading. Mining can choose operating modes according to the workpiece, the use of CNC operation standard programming model. Use of tool rod to the knife, to the point that automatically generate processing program. Digital input, a set of pieces a positioning processing is completed, to ensure the high quality, high precision of workpieces. Suitable for processing all kinds of different shape, different specifications mortise ( Hole) Artifacts, strong practicability, especially for smaller, mortise and tenon groove spacing hole slot combination, the same length and depth of different workpiece mortise and complex of the opposite sex workpiece processing has the advantage. CNC double tenon machine adopts digital control, touch LCD screen, easy manipulation, realize fully automated tenon homework, on both ends of the workpiece processing at the same time, greatly enhance capacity. For rectangular tenon, round tenon, vertical oblique tenon mortise and processing. Tool feed speed stepless frequency conversion control was adopted in order to realize infinitely variable speed. With the German original ball screw feeding process, feeding action quickly. Numerical control tenon machine applicable to the door, tables and chairs and other product of a joint processing product specifications can be adjusted by digital display, more convenient to adjust the processing size, more precise processing. At the same time working mesa to do 30 degrees slope processing. Double mesa can be left and right sides circulation processing at the same time, improve the efficiency of double processing.
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