meeting the lubrication needs of air compressors

by:Gewinn     2020-06-04
The air compressor can serve your business for a long time, provided you maintain it well.
These huge industrial machines are considered very rough and rigid, and the need for maintenance is very low.
However, as with any other mechanical equipment, the air compressor requires a certain degree of maintenance due to its long-term error-free operation.
When it comes to the maintenance of industrial compressors, nothing is more important than proper lubrication.
Lubrication is the most needed thing in every industrial or home device.
The basic purpose of lubrication is to minimize the impact of friction and the heat generated by friction, which may lead to serious wear and tear of the equipment.
Lubrication is necessary in different parts of the air compressor, including Pistons, valves and gears.
Lubrication reduces the intense friction generated in these parts, thus making the machinery run smoothly.
Proper and good lubrication can improve the operation and operation of these industrial giants.
All oil-based industrial compressors require refueling or proper lubrication
For some parts of the machine, such as gears, it is also needed for free.
In order to reduce the mixing of lubricating oil with the passing air flow, a compressed air filter is adopted.
There are different types of lubricants for industrial air compressors, including mineral oil, synthetic oil and some other natural oil produced by petrochemical refineries.
When it comes to air-
Line lubricating oil, including three categories of synthetic oil, is very common; Di-
Oil based on Easter, fluorine silicone and phosphate Easter.
In addition to these synthetic versions of oil, mineral oil is usually measured by their respective viscosity index (VI)
According to the description of the Association of Automobile Engineers (SAE).
In general, these mineral oils can be divided into five different categories according to their viscosity (Group I-group IV)
Their viscosity and sulfur content are different from each other.
Manufacturers include different types and levels of additives in lubricants in order to increase the productivity and functionality of air compressors by reducing the oxidation of the final product.
Therefore, in order to improve the working efficiency of the air compressor, it is crucial to select the appropriate additives.
Other categories include the use of natural extracted organic oils obtained from animal and plant sources containing trianate;
However, the use of this category is limited.
The lubricant mentioned above is the liquid lubricant used in oil-based industrial compressors. Coming to oil-
The free machine, due to the presence of PFTE, these huge giants do not need much lubrication to play a role
Stick coating, which acts as a solid permanent lubricant, is rigid enough to withstand high temperatures up to 350 °c.
If the temperature necessity exceeds this limit, then another type of solid metal coating is used as a solid lubricant in the oil
Free compressor.
Although industrial air compressors are equipped with sufficient lubricating oil provided by the manufacturer, they still need to monitor the lubricating oil regularly in order to ensure its long-term smooth operation.
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