On the choice of numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-09
For numerical control woodworking lathe when the choose and buy of common customers don't know to choose what type of more appropriate, today will give you explain how the artifacts according to oneself to choose different types of machine tools? Below to introduce in detail. Numerical control woodworking lathe common distribution model is mainly from the following several ways: (1) from the timber length distribution processing: effective processing within one metre of numerical control woodworking lathe, CNC woodworking lathe within one meter five, two meters CNC woodworking lathe; ( The effective processing of a meter numerical control woodworking lathe is mainly used for solid wood table legs, chairs, furniture, sofa, tea table, and other accessories processing; Effective processing one meter five CNC woodworking lathe is mainly used for solid wood staircase general small columns, column, clothes tree, a baseball bat and other wood products processing; Effective processing two meters CNC woodworking lathe is mainly used for the head of a bed column, Roman column, a long wood products processing. ) (2) from the machining efficiency distribution: once a workpieces and one of the two workpieces; (3) from the complete process points: ordinary cutting CNC lathe and to turning, pull slot, twist twist, sculpture, the integration of multi-function CNC woodworking car. Faced with such a wide variety of woodworking CNC lathe, so how do we choose and buy? Some home owners do not know much about numerical control woodworking lathe, started inquiry blindly, it is hard to avoid will be some false information to mislead, mesmerized by some inferior low price products. For example: there is a customer want to buy a high biaxial four dao high-end solid wood staircase column machining, CNC woodworking lathe finish early on various aspects to chat well, when it comes to the price of wood lathe froze, because the customer myself heard that as long as two or three ten thousand yuan to buy a lathe. For some of the less contact with numerical control woodworking machinery's boss, before asking price should be ready to the following three aspects: 1, first consider the equipment can meet the demand of its own processing. What to buy CNC woodworking lathe is mainly used for processing, main processing timber. Just like buying a car, you're going to pull the goods or to pull people, to tell their own requirements. According to your requirements to determine the need to what kind of model, is a simple turning or complete trough, twist, complex process, such as thread, carve patterns or designs on woodwork? The products of a normal manufacturer will according to your recommend equipment. 2, cost accounting. All wood products processing boss knows wood lathe mainly include: hand knife processing ( Artificial processing) Way; Copying lathe processing; Back knife lathe processing; And the market at present the most efficient numerical control woodworking lathe processing. Following table analysis about the performance of various wood lathe contrast: can be seen from the above table, CNC woodworking lathe is a cost-effective, simple operation, high efficiency, low costs of one of the most suitable for wood products processing equipment. 3, determine to buy factory and evil people mixed up the market at present, many equipment manufacturers in order to sell more devices start price war, from price to attract users, but without considering the user usage, no help users solve the problem of actual production, in order to reduce cost with cheap equipment spare parts, using low end fittings, often a problem in causing customers to use. Through this system can be very good to complete the numerical control woodworking lathe model selection, choose the most suitable for their own lathe.
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