Over the years our company has been committed to punch production of the manipulator

by:Gewinn     2020-04-04
Our company the WWW. gmrcsk。 Com/is the most professional punch manipulator, mechanical parts, CNC punch press factory, shandong is the core of forging machinery manufacturing enterprises, is one of the member of China machine tool corporation. Collection of scientific research, production, sales as one. Below for everyone to tell me the puncher mechanical maintenance simple security hidden danger? 1, repair before the injection machine, please turn off the other power supply. 2, please turn off before maintenance injection machine and the power of the manipulator and unloading manipulator of the residual stress. 3, adjust or change during the period of mould, please pay attention to safety in order to avoid hurt by the manipulator. 4, in addition to close to switch, absorbing clamp, electromagnetic valve failure can repair, other should repair by trained personnel, otherwise don't change without authorization. Company to science and technology for development, and constantly update and upgrade of product. Standardization, quality control of the whole optimization, to ensure that the product performance, laid the foundation of the company's development. Integration, terminal after-sales service, remove the trouble back at home of users.
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