Questions and Answers on Tenoning Machine Knowledge

by:Gewinn     2021-03-16
1. What is a tenon machine?
The simpler is the equipment for processing wood tongue and groove through industrial computer control machine tool, we call it the tenon machine. Because our great motherland is too vast, so the tenoning machine has many titles, such as woodworking tenoning machine, tenoning machine, etc., but the official standard name is tenoning machine.
2. What is the material of the tenon machine?
The processing materials of the tenoning machine are divided into a variety of woods, most of the above wood varieties can be processed, including hardwood, hardwood and softwood. Some relatively low hardness plastics, aluminum alloys and other materials can also be processed.
3. What kind of milling cutter does the tenon machine use?
The tenon machine adopts iron, alloy and diamond combined milling cutters. As a manufacturer, I suggest that you use 1200-1800 alloy tools with relatively high cost performance, sharp and durable, and the processed tenon has good flatness and no burrs.
4. What is the price of the tenon machine?
This topic is a topic that all consumers care about. Tenoning machines generally consist of computer control systems, servo motors, lead screws, spindle motors, alloy milling cutters, etc. The unit price of ordinary tenoning machines is more than 38,000, and the unit price of CNC double-head tenoning machines is at least 100,000.
5. What is the processing speed of the CNC tenoning machine?
Many people care about the processing speed of the CNC tenon machine and invest tens of thousands. If the effect cannot be compared with the traditional hand-made, it would be too bad! The tenoning machine averages about 10 seconds per tenoning, and the length and width of the tenon can be set arbitrarily!
6. Which tenons are processed by traditional tenon machines?
Generally speaking, waist tenon is widely used! Waist tenon accounts for the majority of furniture tenon and tenon structure. The tenon machine can generally process horizontal tenon, vertical tenon, house tenon and round tenon to make conventional furniture.
7. Is the tenoning machine easy to operate?
CNC woodworking equipment is not as high as you think, so mysterious, to put it bluntly, it is as simple as a smart phone. A complicated program was written by the programmer, which produced a simple, easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand operation screen. Ordinary workers can only operate after simple training.
8. Is the woodworking tenoner easy to use?
The answer is yes, it is very easy to use! As we all know, the traditional tenoning machine is composed of a five-disc saw and an ordinary mechanical tenoning machine. This kind of equipment is difficult to operate and the tenoning accuracy is not good. The tenon machine has high precision and high speed. This key is easy to use and adjust. One-key operation of digital control is convenient for workers to use.
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