Safety requirements for high speed disc saws in solid wood processing equipment

by:Gewinn     2020-03-02
1. When entering the construction site, the high-speed circular saw must be accepted and installed with three-level power distribution and secondary protection, and the electrical switch is good (One-way button switch must be used) Fuse specifications meet the requirements, and the equipment can only be used if it is confirmed to meet the requirements. 2. The safety baffle and dripping device must be installed above the saw blade. Behind the saw blade, the tooth is 10-15mm, arc wedge knife must be installed. The installation of saw blade should be kept concentric with the shaft. Belt drive should have a protective cover. 3. The saw blade must be flat, the saw mouth should be appropriate, and the saw blade and the driving shaft should be matched and fastened. The saw blade must have sharp Sawtooth, no two consecutive missing teeth, the crack length shall not exceed 20mm, and the crack end shall be punched to stop the crack. 4. Before Operation, check whether the machine is in good condition and whether the saw blade is broken, and install the protective cover before it can be put into use after normal operation. 5. Operators should wear safety glasses; The operator shall not stand on the rotating centrifugal force surface of the saw blade to operate, and the hand shall not cross the saw blade. 6. When the wood saw is close to the end, the saw should be pulled from the hand, and the hand should not be directly fed by hand, and the board should be pushed. When sawing materials, it is not allowed to move or raise the wood left and right; The feeding should not be too hard, and the speed of the saw should be slowed down in case of wood joints to prevent the wood joints from popping up and hurting people. 7. When sawing short materials, push sticks should be used, and direct push by hand is not allowed. The feeding speed should not be too fast, and gouging hooks must be used to pick up materials. When cutting short materials with solid wood processing equipment, the material length shall not be less than 1 of the diameter of the saw blade. 5 times, the material height shall not be greater than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade. When cutting material, the section height is not allowed to be greater than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade. 8. The saw line deviation should be corrected gradually, and no hard board is allowed. Saw blade running time is too long, the temperature is too high, the application of water cooling, the diameter of more than 60cm of the saw blade in the operation, should spray water cooling. 9. If the wood is stuck with the saw blade, the post-treatment should be stopped immediately.
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