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Safety requirements specification sanding machine


                                                                                   A: pre-service requirements: 1, the use of sanding machine equipment should adopt the way of a person create positions, should be carried out prior to operating personnel assignment pre-service training, be familiar with the performance of the equipment. 2, equipment after braking failures may not be used, and promptly reported to the maintenance department for testing. 3, operators should dress, put an end to wear clothing has the security hidden danger. ( Kind of clothes) 2: before the formal operation requirements: 1, open the sanding machine equipment operation before the first thing to do is check if there is a barrier between abrasive belt wheel, if you have to keep clear of in time. 2, check reducer oil amount is reasonable to see 3, open the total power supply and plug in air, dust collection device. 4, adjust good abrasive belt Zhang Chidu, set the size of the air pressure. 5, check the sharpness of abrasive belt, such as excessive wear need to replace a new abrasive belt and put into production. Three, equipment operation of the process of problem solving: 1, the sand plate stuck: that happens after it is strictly prohibited in the operation process of forced out, first should do is to shut down the running of the equipment, and then adjust the artifacts. 2, if in the use of the process of abnormal should immediately stop the equipment and feedback to related management personnel. 3, equipment operators such as need to leave work, running of equipment should be suspended. 4, if the device in the process of production power outages, shall not be forced out of the sand belt artifacts. Four: after the end of the day job: 1, to the whole equipment to clean up, to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. 2, to do a good job of lubrication. 3, view the sanding machine trachea, valve if there is a leak phenomenon. Warning: 1, only under the emergency stop button and use. 2, reasonable setting processing parameters, don't go for high processing efficiency and make the sanding machine equipment overload operation for a long time.                                                                            

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