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Wood sanding machine consumables cost management solution


To strengthen wood sanding machine use consumables cost control, increase economy and progress of our factory, our factory set up in order to the factory director and supplies equipment room lead, labor, finance, scheduling, skills for collaborative team cost management, and each business unit has a clear division of responsibility and, by the month to really use capital, accurate calculation, and to carefully analyze the month calculation results. 1, capital accounting team 2, 3 all business departments responsibility and division of labor, responsibility to each business unit is necessary to timely, accurate and true to the material equipment room supply wood sanding machine accounting materials. To participate in economic activities analysis; 4, division of labor, supplies a equipment room 28, before a month will plant all wood sanding machine single cost ( Include fuel, lubrication grease, materials, accessories and other cost cost) Calculate the summary; B, fiscal room 28, before a month will factory all on account of the depreciation, equipment depreciation, overhaul basic and all transportation equipment of highway maintenance fees, insurance premium, inspection charges, such as bridge, tolls, power electricity cost accounting summary, cc supplies equipment room; C affecting, the utility of the scheduling will all transport vehicles, driving km and end summary of quantities calculation, cc supplies equipment room; 28 d, labor room a month before, such as wages, above award, all kinds of subsidies system summary/supplies equipment room; E, skills room 28, before a month to plant the month end joining on goals and take a value, all kinds of engineering calculation wood sanding chance have to pay the material equipment room; F, supplies, equipment room monthly summary each parlor supply material, on the 28th of collecting all the equipment running records, calculating this month rental fee, and maintenance costs, and the cost of other projects. Then, reasonably and accurately calculate the shipment and have capital, per unit of output, on the basis of collecting materials, making the construction of wood sanding machine single accounting monthly bulletin and capital analysis; Using the cost of capital analysis and manipulation of the way supplies equipment room according to the bureau, in energy, relevant documents with your specific condition and store the current offer, work out of fuel and spare parts cost and energy consumption quota. At the end of each month, according to the material equipment room wood sanding have chance this month and the construction of single accounting monthly bulletin, by leading group for economic activity analysis works in the factory, the economic activity analysis meeting regularly, capital analysis for various cost targets. On the basis of single calculation and actual conditions, find out the cost and wood sanding machine use capital too high priority for the existence and the leading cause of doubt, corrects for next month's way. The relevant provisions of the contact, concluded that capital to deal with the rewards and punishment.                                                                            

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