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Sanding machine maintenance system


                                                                                   1, sanding machine, perform regular repair system; 2, send plant overhaul diesel machinery shall meet the following requirements: a, wash the dirt, keep good lubrication components. B, it is forbidden to conversion components, complete accessories shall be complete. 3, improve the quality of repair, repair cost, shortening the time of withdrawal, gradually from the planned repair to repair on-demand development; 4, completed repair machinery to strict inspection, does not conform to the standard machinery factory is allowed, the will shall be investigated for responsibility of the accident caused by quality problems, serious processing. Sanding machine maintenance regularly system 1, the machinery technical maintenance is to ensure normal operation and prolonging the service life of the machinery is an important work, therefore, must according to the regulations of the different types of mechanical maintenance cycle and strictly carry out operation range, which applies a system of regular maintenance. Whatever machine conditions, whoever reaches cycle is in accordance with the provisions, maintenance work scope; 2, machine tube personnel according to the workings of the sanding machine, monthly maintenance plan, and month by month according to situation to adjust; 3, sanding machine maintenance, notify the maintenance personnel for maintenance. When the contradiction of the production and maintenance, with the approval of the material equipment room, may delay, but must ensure that the insured shall not exceed 5% of the prescribed intervals; 4, maintenance, after the completion of the inspection, to fill in all kinds of information, be complete, accurate, real, and report to engineering department; 5, all kinds of mechanical each class must be cases confirmed; 6 cases of confirmed, a bartender, shall be the responsibility of the operator, insurance, miho are conducted by the operator with professional service personnel; 7, maintenance work must be enforced, resolutely resist and stop use after first raising, not only to raise and sanding machine and technical personnel, the member that lead industry shall be entitled to examine and supervise the maintenance work, find problems to deadline to correct, the operator should accept check, due to not timely maintenance machinery accident damage to shall be investigated for responsibility.                                                                            

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