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Woodworking sander censorship


                                                                                   Woodworking sander supplies equipment room as the plant pipe, use, and the whole process of inspection comparison. Mechanical inspection is assembled, forward broad worker labor enthusiasm and sense of honor, sense of responsibility, improve the mechanical processing jobs is an important measure. 1, material factory machinery processing equipment room cooperation leading group of factory monthly woodworking sander conduct a complete inspection; 2, the carpenter sanding machine using shift monitor equipment inspection, maintenance condition every day; 3, mechanical technology and relevant departments according to actual condition, check; 4, 'red flag' equipment standard: a, shape rate above 98%, utilization rate is above 65%; B, good to complete the task, make high quality, high yield, low consumption; C, good technical condition, operation ability reach rules need; D, make 'cross assignment method' standards; E, parts, belong to equipment, random things without thoroughly; F, using the repair maintenance records completely accurate. Such as using storage technology excellent condition, woodworking sander arrived in extended maintenance period, did great reward through examination; Desert: due to loss of insurance, and affect the construction of keeping the driver and the poor in the mechanical check machine condition of woodworking sander safekeeping driver, supplies equipment room visible the seriousness, declared that 'the rectification notice', period. If you don't change, economic disposal.                                                                            

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