Selection to meet the technical principle of woodworking machinery manufacturer

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Woodworking machinery manufacturer in the selection of the factors to consider when there are many, the most basic principle is advanced technology, economic rationality, production applicability. But in addition to these basic principles and other technological factors into account. Woodworking machinery factory consists of the following principles: 1, woodworking machinery factory production is refers to the production efficiency of second-hand woodworking equipment, equipment in unit time kneading production products or the number of processing. 2 reliability refers to the precision of the equipment, woodworking machinery manufacturers, the accuracy of stability and durability and safety of the parts, to ensure that the equipment at the time of using less out of order. 3, woodworking machinery manufacturers durability refers to the natural life of second-hand woodworking equipment in use process, must choose good parts and processing technology of superior equipment. 4, woodworking machinery manufacturers, energy conservation is refers to the equipment to be able to save energy consumption, reducing the use of the equipment cost, also can achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, protect the environment. 5, woodworking machinery manufacturers maintainability refers to equipment during maintenance convenience. Consider to whether the device has the environmental protection, such as whether the noise is too big, dust concentration is high, and so on. These principles are be short of one cannot, woodworking machinery manufacturer in choosing woodworking machinery, need to understand one by one.
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