Siemens' new heating control system can be integrated into automation systems

by:Gewinn     2022-04-22
Siemens has launched a new heating control system that can be used to switch and control heating elements in industrial applications, including SIPLUSHCS4200 for 230V grids and SIPLUSHCS4300 for 400V/480V grids. Featuring a small modular, compact design, these distributed I/O systems are tailored to specific application needs. Its industrial heating process can be integrated in the TIA Portal, which simplifies engineering, enables efficient diagnostics and parameterization. The heating control systems provided by Siemens are widely used in various industries around the world, such as in the fields of plastic and light construction material molding, plastic welding and film extrusion to help paints and coatings dry quickly. This new heating control system helps businesses reduce energy consumption by efficiently controlling heating elements and avoiding transient current spikes in the network. The modular structure and integratable features of the new system allow it to take up 80% less cabinet space and easier wiring than conventional heating solutions using separate components. The SIPLUSHCS heating control system integrates various components such as switching elements and fuses, as well as functions such as Profinet communication, circuit on-off control mechanisms and diagnostics in one compact unit, improving the heating process and reducing downtime and downtime. . For example, comprehensive and detailed diagnostics in a heating control system help users to quickly find and pinpoint problems in the heating process - such as faulty heat sources, or blown input and output fuses. Diagnostic data will be reported to the central system controller via Profinet. Through the Portal Engineering software platform, heating control units can be easily integrated into automation systems equipped with components such as HMI units, controllers and motion control components. During engineering, all automation units are handled in one project. Portal includes a temperature logging library for the WinCC Advanced Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, allowing the user to quickly visualize the heating plate and link it to operations, machines and processes.
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