sizing up panel saws, tenoners.

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Adjusting the size of the panel saw enables the new equipment to meet the challenge of precise cutting.
While providing chips
Free, accurate cutting remains the top priority for panel saws, and computerized expansion of operational capabilities, including optimization, download and barcode.
The following review describes the features of 45 panel saws and coil saws currently on the market.
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The panel and slide saw jump score is a feature of the new Sl 3800 slide saw.
The device also has a motor-
Controlled blade and workpiece positioning fence for quick installation.
The Crossmatic 601 panel Cross center of 120 Biesse America is designed with concept, providing precision finished cut with single panelor double-
Side straight, soft or rear shaped strip.
The hydraulic driven saw motor and feeding and unloading system is a computer-controlled.
602 Midwest/Panhans model 3270 panel see from Midwest automation
Handle up to 10 feet long work and 3 minutes of work.
Thick, with onemanoperation.
The CNC control provides graphic display of cutting patterns and provides optimization software to maximize production.
Secondary cleaning of precision cutting edge-
The company said it has increased its business on laminate, plywood, medium fiber board, plastic and solid surface treatment materials.
603 safe speed cutting
The company said its new panel saw/panel Router combines the performance of its most popular panel saw with the proven panel router lift platform design. This full-
Time panel saw and parts
Time panel routers save floor space and cash, the company said. 604 Holz-Her new super
Features of sliding 1245 sliding table saw: adjustable height, convenient control and tool position, single
Lever scoreboard adjustment, easy-to-
Read the digital display.
605 the measurement system for the dimensions of the Gibson prism panel of Stiles Machinery Inc.
Designed for single personoperator use.
It is characterized by: fast cycle cutting, variable-
Speed horizontal saw, programming unit, rear cut attachment and fast blade conversion.
606 tecuna Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Gabbiani model GMS/SA 4000 panel saw available for heavy-duty-
Production automation panel size. Thesingle-
By using the alift table, the wire cut system is equipped with automatic loading.
The patented quick/fixed release flange system is the standard for blade removal and replacement.
The electronic ruler saw blade adjustment and automatic cross line alignment can be selected.
Euromac Viva \'93 panel saw from 607 PAL woodworking machinery.
With dual beam saw, DC pusher motor and saw controlled by inverter, the speed is up to 200 fpm.
Other features include: Esa Tria 4000 computer with optimized system and automatic trouble shooting, special system for quick replacement of saw blade, air float table, steel structure, self-lubricating track and ge plc.
608 global manufacturing
13Q panel saws are available for all panel and sheet products.
The 13Q has a machined steel top with a removable blade.
The carriage is on a flat road, oneV-
Adjust using the umw bearing surface with thrust ball bearing.
Arbor uses a belt to run the spindle at the best carbs speed, whether or not to score.
New computer 609-controlled cut-to-
Unique size FW for SchellingAmerica Inc.
Can be designed to cope with any type of cutting process required in the artisan business
Large efficient machinery
The company says the furniture makers are large.
Up to 51 in 610 Wadkin USA\'s Shopko slide panel saw handle panel. by 98 in.
And solid materials up to 4. thick.
Features include: unique scoring saw mechanism with automatic height adjustment, 10-in.
Diameter blade, 4 1/8-in.
Diameter scoring blade and heavyduty motor.
611 Striebig panel seen from colonial sawInc.
Samesquare precision, double cut quality available
The company says panels and production capacity are several times the cost. The space-
Save two panel saws
Axis digital measurement system to reduce off-
Loading and reloading of horizontal cutting strips.
The company says the system can be instantly converted between inches and millimeters.
Schwabedissen S50 CNC panel saw from 612 Wood Systemsfeatures: dust-and sound-
Proof housing that allows optimal access to the operating station, low
Vibration structure, automatic loading and optical control of saw machining process.
It can accommodate panel books up to 135mm high and offers a variety of destocking options.
Model 613 MR-
It is reported that 21 group expert groups from multicore cut the labor force with a single knife
By tearing the entire panel into a narrow strip, saw and slotted at the same time.
Available models include: Saw arb on top or top and bottom, jam
Nutarbor/interval system for closing blade spacing, jumping-arbor fornon-
Continuous slotting and combination of saw/groover cutting heads.
614 unique machines and tools company
Provides overhead panel saws designed for a wide range of applications.
The standard table is 4 feet and 8 feet, a48-in. cut length.
Custom table sizes and cut lengths are available.
Arriage has a ball bearing bushing installed and rides along the beamon hardened steel shaft.
615 Delta International\'s DE-40 3.
Surface-2 M panel/engraved sawscut cardboard
Finished veneers, core panels coated with synthetic materials or aluminum, plastic plates, plexiglass, PVC and various wood with a hardness of up to 5 in. thick.
The sliding table is easy to cut to 120.
The company said every move.
616 Futong Machinery Co. , Ltd.
The sliding table saw is designed for cross and tear cutting of wood, laminated and plain plates and plastic.
Saw spindle by a 10-
Dynamically balance and rotate hp motors on precision ball bearings.
Fixomat 13 full automatic panel saw for 617 Holzma-U. S. Inc.
The Hastwo pressure beam saw, each with a master saw and a scale saw.
Fixomat 13 is designed for precise cutting of the dimensions of the Inspector and interlace, as well as various head cutting patterns.
An automatic feeding system based on electronic
Hydraulic four
Column lift with cnc
It is standard to control the feed.
Scheer model FM 16 DNC panel saw for 618 Richard T. Byrnes Co. Inc. has a multi-
A microcomputer with unlimited memory can display cutting plans and panels graphically.
Optional software connects capabilities to several CAD systems. Its solid cast-
The company said that the iron frame mounted on the horizontal plane evenly distributes weight to make it easier to guide the carrier and extend the life of the components.
619 Hendrick sawPro-
H can exceed/-tolerance0. 005 in.
Standard features include: structural ur bearings and ball screws, structural steel frames, phenolic (bakelite)
On the surface of the table, five material collectors provide a firm support of up to 4.
Material thickness and scoring units that can be turned on or off on the console.
Stemac easy cut panel saw in 620 Stefani Group America Inc.
Three models.
Type M with manual and pneumatic stop frame, type a with push N deviceC.
For longitudinal cutting and model Ehas, N. C.
Longitudinal and transverse cutting.
Saw on all simple cutting machines
The blade is connected to the independent scoring unit.
621 Altendorf USA 3800 Series slide saw offers a12-ft, 5-in.
Cutting length of slide table. Pre-
The score is standard. Tiltarbor (F-45)and non-tilt arbor (F-90)
There are available versions.
The company says this capability is ideal for sizing large desktops and processing thick solid surface materials.
622 the SC/1 Griggio panel saw from Atlantic machinery.
Hasan anode alumina table, external grading adjustment, regulator and support arm for extension 48.
From the left side of the blade.
It also features: a hand wheel for lifting and tilting, a fully adjustable fence, 3-speed 9-
Hp main motor and 3/4-
Hp scoring motor and 3,400mm slide table with telescopic extension.
623 ardwood\'s 10-ft by 5-
The Financial Times looks straight at the saw
The support frame adopts bolt connection instead of welding, which improves the stability and accuracy of the machine and the cutting tolerance is within 0. 008 in.
According to the company. The 5 1/2-
90 turn HP saw Machine 【:degrees]
Completely closed.
The machine has a scoring unit and a patented dust removal control system.
624 MacMazza MCS-P 4500 heavy-
Watch panel saw for Quattro
Technology is equipped with a bracket
Lower pressure beam plus auxiliary pillow group-downcylinders.
Saw rack runs on two precise machining rails by means of wear-
Explosion Proof Turcite pad.
Standard features include: air-bearing stations, automatic loading platforms, and electric subroutines for controlling all moving parts. 625 The K-
424 panel saw by Kett Tool Co.
Cut a variety of soft or hard plates including plywood, laminate, honeycomb panel, hard plate, pressure plate, siding, signage, PVC and soft steel.
The Saw took 3/8 of the plastic in.
Thick and wood products with its full depth 1 in.
Use standard 3 3/8in.
Diameter saw blade.
626 settled industrial panel saw by Lufthansa Europe
Size range from halfmanual, CNC-
Control, single
Fully automatic cnc shaft saw
Angle Control System.
The focus is on accuracy at high cutting speeds and increased production.
Options include the patented turntable, vacuum feed and de-stock.
627 force Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Dealers at Mayer panel saws offer a new controller that can link almost any PC with ASCII format to panel saws.
The direct link from PC to Mayer PC 2000 allows the ayer program to select the cut list and download it into the saw.
The on-board storage in PC 2000 is suitable for 1,000 cutting steps, that is, 70 to 80 normal cutting pictures, the company said. 628 The Mini-Max S250-
Mini from scmi-Max Div. can cut double-
Panels are easy to face, the company said. Ithas a 4-
The ability of the Financial Times to cross and tear.
Standard features include: 50-in.
50-stroke scoring ability of sliding tablein. BiesemeyerT-
Square ripped fence, 10-in.
Main blade and 3-hp, 1-ph motor.
Martin T-629-
72 tables provided by Eric Riebling Co. Inc.
Equipped with a scoring saw accessory, hydraulic tilt and lift bar.
Some functions include: digital display, standard 7. 5-
Hpmotor and adjustable guide rail.
The grading saw is adjustable vertically and horizontally from the outside of the machine.
630 Pistorius Machinery Co. , Ltd. Inc.
The panel saw has a repeat stop, which reduces the adjustment of horizontal cutting of bars with the same width, and provides a programming track to set up a fixed size for continuous work.
To avoid the chip output, the rotation speed is about 800 rpm. 631 The 5x5-
V upright panel saw from A & S machinery is precision machined 5-by-
5 Structural beams supporting heavy duty
Duty 12 bearing blocks.
The company said the counter balance weight was added for additional safety and ease of operation.
Paul cnc cross-632 Koch machinery and systems-
Cutting System Model 14 MKL.
The panel optimization system is equipped with a MAXI series controller and a separate light-emitting scanner measuring station.
It enables comprehensive optimization including quality, priority and value optimization.
The machine runs at a feed rate of 550 fpm, up to four seconds.
633 TenonersThe Celaschi progress L series
Terminal tenoners available from mdankaert Machinery Co. , Ltd.
, Using the same chain as the company\'s double links
Perfect square double
End with a single flexibilityend.
Options include size adjustment, electronic adjustment from manual movement with digital reading to 30 fpm.
634 of Homag Optimat Stiles Machinery Co. , Ltd.
A variety of base lengths can be provided to accommodate a variety of workstations.
The FLO 62 type is the smallest machine in this range, suitable for size and square, with space to increase the profile or slotting station.
635 Gabbiani-G. D. G. double-end tenoner T-
Modull/Sagoplus control from Stefani Group America Inc.
Double sided simultaneous processing, continuous feeding, automatic loading and unloading and modular processing units are provided according to processing requirements.
The machine is controlled by the profi unit, based on 32-
The company said there was a bit of CPU.
636 Roger Stiles and Assoc.
Ima fba/II is provided, with two mirror sections adjustable according to the width of the panel.
The left hand is fixed and the right hand moves on the guardrail.
To reduce friction, all guide shaft bearings and guide rollers of the transport chain are equipped with roller bearings. 637 Mereen-
Johnson\'s 820 is one. or two-station double-
Endtenoner is reported to be meeting most of the points, trim, Mao, coping, dado, cabling or sanding needs.
It will process the inventory from 6. to 120 in.
Speeds range from 15 to 75 fpm.
It is characterized by 38in.
The chain beam laying area before holdowns and 7-in.
Beyond the throat gap of the feedback chain.
638 Friulmac FN-
7 tenoner from Derda Inc.
Having a return conveyor belt under the machining center enables the workpiece to be returned to the operator after both ends are machined to the desired configuration.
It is fully hydraulic and has variable feed speed.
Up to 51 workpieces can be accommodated.
Length dropped to 4. minimum.
639 Fletcher machinesInc.
Portfolio edgebank-tenoner.
The machine uses all Americans.
Manufacturing components, the company said.
640 holy mountain machinery provides holy doubleend tenoners.
Features include: solid casting
Iron structure, single and double track model, automatic or manual feeding and return, manual or pneumatic clamping.
All models have 4-ft, 6-ft or 8-
Ft width capacity between spindle.
641 Byrnes/Manea SBM-
Exit of Richard T. Byrnes Co. Inc.
Will automatically seal the edge and double
End unlocking to improve production capacity.
The machine can also be polished, shaped, slotted, universal trimming and slope edges.
The finishing unit is equipped with a straight knife or 45 knives [degrees]
Bevel cuts for layering and veneering.
642 IDM double-
Quattro of end milling-
Technical features: Full
Turcite-steel frame with standardized and ground sliding guide
Move the cover contact and sides of the beam frame to reduce friction and lubricate all the moving beam frame slides every time the beam frame moves.
643 Torwegge CNC double
End tenoner from European Woodworking Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Allow machine parameters by on-board computer.
Operating data can be entered and downloaded via a remote computer or barcode scanner. 644 A high-
There are speed motor components on the progressive system. \'s double-end tenoners.
It can be as a high
Speed motor, jump motor, decorative motor, scoring motor, pole motor or single dado motor.
It has commercial 3-to 30-hphigh-
Efficiency closed fancooled motors.
645 Photos: Holz-
Above her super slide 1245 was hosted at Ligna.
The new vending machine II vertical panel of Striebig is sawed from the Colonial saw, and on the right side, there is a closed frame at the cutting blade and vacuum vacuuming from the back system.
Photo: the new SI 3800 in SCMI features Mada-
Workpiece positioning fence and workpiece positioning fence.
Photo: FW of Sherin-Unique cut-to-
The size saw features an automatic feed function designed for custom operation or large-Mass production
Photo: Holzma\'s Fixomat 13 angle panel saw has two beam saws with a lot of pressure, each with a master and scale saw.
Photo: Tekna machery\'s Gabbiani GMS/SA 4000 panel saw is automatically loaded by using the lift table.
Photo: the vertical saw in Adwood has 5 1/2
Hp saw unit rotating 90 [degrees]
It\'s completely closed.
Photo: 3800 Series pushsaw odenddo Americacomes in sloping trees and non
Tilt Rod version.
Graphic: the center of the crosscutting of the Biesse Crossmatic 120, above, the concept of the guide bar.
Celaschi Progress L tenoners fromdankaert, right with manual or automatic fence adjustment option.
Photo: The Homag Optimat of Stiles Machinery is suitable for size and square, and has space for profiling or slotting stations.
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