Small woodworking machinery knowledge: woodworking tools commonly used encoding rules

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Everyone to know about some coding rules of woodworking tool? The following inscription xin wei woodworking machinery manufacturers for you about this aspect of knowledge, interested friends to learn together. That the encoding rules of the cutting tools mainly as follows: 1. Vertical dao serial number says the number of knives or combination with A, B, C, Among them even as the clockwise rotation, odd for reverse) 2. All serial number said left A knife, B the right knife, knife on C, D under the knife, number 1 S3. Fuller dao called slot to slot with knife 4. Flat knife with highly accurate, said the square of 100 h 5. Paring knife, conventional, paring knife, paring knife, clear bottom ordinary paring knife belongs to consumable, drawing archive into the bearing paring knife, carving knife, dragon sword. 6. Saw blade: the line is mainly used for band saw, sawing machine, fine slightly sawing of parts processing. 7. Saw blade: mainly used for double shear machine, automatic double shear machine, vertical machine, sawing, vertical saws, platform sawing machine, cutting machine, automatic sealing side machine such as the above, parts of qi, cut open string cable, openings, trimming, fixed width, first-class processing. 8. Bit: mainly used in all kinds of punching machine, cut machine, punching operations on components. 9. Straight shank drill: mainly used for processing parts inside and outside the teeth, wood tenon layer hole, horizontal hole, hole, double teeth screw hole, bed hook screw hole, hole, positioning hole, etc. Location hole depending on wood tenon specifications, fasteners, with wooden tenon join should increase 1 mm hole location. 10. Bit: inside and outside the tooth according to the material use, phi phi 11 11. 5 two straight shank type single bit. Phi 1/4 'inside and outside the tooth according to material from 9, 9. 5 two bit clock. The drilling center distance is 18, 20, 32, a multiple of 32. 11. Tool cutting bottom diameter: the minimum distance between two points of relative cutter, bottom diameter is commonly 65, 100 or phi phi phi 90 or 80 is also available. Bottom diameter of fighting with the module should be less than the size of the circular arc of the work content is R, is greater than the rounded corners. 12. Tool cutting diameter: maximum distance between two points of relative cutter, generally for phi 150 largest; General teeth for the 4 t, universal saw or 8 to 12 t t, groove cutter teeth for 6 or 8 t t, shaving machine for 2 t, flat knife is 4 t, all of 4 t.
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