Solid wood furniture manufacturing process: how to do a good job of material preparation?

by:Gewinn     2020-03-19
Ingredients are the key to making a piece of furniture. If the materials are well selected and well selected, the mortise and tenon structure will be well made and the furniture will be firm. Furniture ingredients this process is well done. Furniture not only looks beautiful, but also increases the value of furniture itself. Furniture ingredients are mainly based on the different parts of the furniture, choose the appropriate materials. Generally, attention should be paid to the texture, color and material size of wood. If you make legs with curve Radian, you should pay attention to how to cut the material to save the material, but also take into account the processing and production is more convenient (Easy to cut and form) At the same time, we should also pay attention to whether the patterns are beautiful, whether the patterns of the two doors are symmetrical, and whether the large plates can ensure the consistency of the texture of several pieces of wood. The texture direction of the four corners after being connected should be in the following direction, and it is necessary to avoid cracks, otherwise, there will be big trouble when scraping and planing materials. 1. Material inspection. The wood needs to be inspected and can only be put into the production line if it meets the requirements of the plate. The requirements for the use of wood are as follows :(1) Wood can not have black spots, minerals, wormholes, defects, Deadwood; (2) Strictly control the cracking of wood and put an end to dead wood and white edges; (3) All component materials are not allowed to use horizontal grain and twill wood, because it is easy to break. 2. Ingredients. After material inspection, according to the quality and texture of wood, it is divided into four grades from high to low, which are a, B, c and d in turn. (1)The outer plate and fabric should be beautiful with some patterns; C materials can be used in some hidden places such as bottom plate and back plate; (2) The facing surface of the product, such as surface frame, panel, door frame, door panel, main material and other parts, solid wood material preparation equipment as far as possible to ensure that their color difference and wood texture are basically the same, must use the and B materials of logs; (3) The surface of the parts used for carving is not allowed to have cracking, decay, Moth, deformation and other effects; (4) Comprehensively consider the specifications and quantities of product components to be prepared, use calculators to make overall budget estimates, and comprehensively prepare materials to improve the utilization rate of raw materials. (5) If the incoming material is unqualified or the quantity is insufficient, you need to change or supplement the material, and find the same material, the same color and the same texture of the wood. 3. Baking materials. After two processes of material inspection and batching, when deformed materials are found, the curved wood needs to be fixed on the standard wood, tied up and baked on the oven, until it meets the requirements. 1) During material inspection, the deformed parts that need to be corrected are placed in the deformed parts area according to specifications, marked with the word 'bake' and placed in categories; (2) Soaking: the soaking time is determined according to the degree of deformation and the size of the parts; (3) Fixed, first, the deformation of the straight material parts with 'F' clip fixed on the straight template; Then fix the deformed bending material part on the corresponding template with 'F' clamp; Correctly select the fixed model, and no clip marks, clip cracks or clip breaks are allowed; (4) Baking material: Select the fire-receiving surface according to the deformation degree of the parts, and replace the oven position in time; Long-term viewing, comprehensive baking, can not be baked; (5) Self-inspection: Check whether the baked parts are qualified or not, and arrange them neatly according to the specifications and models. All surfaces of the straight materials should be straight, and the bent materials should be consistent with the corresponding models, and cannot be baked (6) Acceptance: check and register the self-inspection qualified parts to meet the material standards, and submit them to quality control for acceptance.
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