STAMA's latest vertical machining and milling equipment will be unveiled at the European Machine Tool Show in Milan

by:Gewinn     2022-06-02
Germany's STAMA will exhibit its latest vertical machining and milling equipment at EMO MILANO 2009 at booth C18/D13 in Hall 5. Among them, the new generation of vertical machining equipment MC524 covers an area of u200bu200bonly 4.6 square meters. The bed made of polymerized concrete ensures good stability, and the structure with tested standard components and the machine principle ensures high milling power, High precision and strong power. Available in single or double shank models. The MC524 is designed to install 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machining, and can meet the processing needs of medical equipment, hydraulic equipment, automobile manufacturing, environmental protection technology, watch manufacturing and precision instruments. Let's take a look at the STAMA-TWIN series vertical machining center. One machining cycle can process 4 workpieces at the same time. The TWIN technology of the two-axis machining equipment sharing a Z block has simple operability. Used with common workpiece and workpiece presetting techniques, it achieves precision that is difficult to achieve with single-axis equipment. The STAMA-TWIN au003d600 mm axis spacing makes it possible to machine two large-sized workpieces at the same time. It is also fast and flexible when machining small workpieces with a double tool holder. In one machining cycle, the use of dual-axis equipment can simultaneously process 4 workpieces. Workpieces can be machined in 3, 4 and 5 axes, reducing costs by 30%. The 600 series TWIN machines are easy to operate and have a high stability of the main bearing with 2 fixed milling shanks. In addition, the MC734/MT with MT (multi-surface) technology will also be unveiled at EMO, which combines high-efficiency milling and flawless turning in one machine. MT technology makes STAMA equipment more flexible and precise in the processing of complex workpieces, and whether it is difficult single workpiece processing or mass production, the average production time is saved by 70% and the cost is reduced by 50%.
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