Swedish manufacturing giant accelerates expansion of Chinese market

by:Gewinn     2022-04-30
When the global economy is in turmoil and downturn, the world's leading Swedish manufacturing giant Sandvik Group is creating new economic value by strengthening research and development, expanding the global market, and providing users with high value-added personalized solutions. The tool maker expects to continue its leading growth momentum in the rapidly expanding Chinese market. Sandvik Group Executive Vice President and Sandvik Tool Manufacturing President Anders Tring said in an interview with reporters on the 19th: 'Chinese customers, like customers in other parts of the world, need high-quality products and services, and urgently We hope to improve industrial production efficiency through the application of new technologies.” With a history of nearly 150 years, Sandvik Group is a world leader in the three fields of cutting tools, mining machinery and materials technology. Its products include metal cutting tools, rock excavators and large Machinery, stainless steel materials, specialty alloys, metal and ceramic resistance materials, and driveline products. Sandvik's business has now expanded to more than 130 countries and regions. In 2007, the group's revenue reached 86 billion Swedish kronor (about 88.3 billion yuan), and it has nearly 50,000 employees worldwide. Sandvik's sales in China are growing faster than in any other region of the world. Since entering China in 1985, the company currently has 1,400 employees, 25 offices and 7 production bases in China. In the past seven years, sales have maintained an annual growth of 30%, reaching 3.8 billion yuan last year. 'We are building six new plants. The Chinese market is becoming increasingly important to Sandvik, and our business in China will continue to grow,' says Tring. Sandvik not only supplies customers with products, but also provides application technology Training and total solutions. 'We have a complete set of service systems, including specialized skills, customer relationships, and high-quality products. These are difficult to imitate and replicate,' said Tring. Sandvik has two training centers and an application center in China. Every year, more than 2,000 customers come to the center for training and service. From a traditional tool manufacturer to a high-tech multinational group, Sandvik pays special attention to technological innovation. Unlike most large European and American companies, Sandvik's senior management is mostly from the technology research and development department, and many senior management own patents. This progressive innovation culture makes enterprises have a strong desire to innovate. The group currently holds more than 4,000 patents, and about 20% of its products are updated every 5 years.
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