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The advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of sanding machine?


                                                                                   Sanding machine is commonly used in wood industry machinery. It can be divided into many types. In addition to the stone and metal processing industries of wood, sanding machine can also be used for sanding machine. Sanding machine can improve the product quality of sand plate. Use different methods to sanding mechanism for different industry, different advantages and disadvantages. Long belt sanding machine and broadband sander is the common use of the plate sanding equipment. Long belt sanding machine can be divided into sliding table and manual pressure piece of long belt sanding machine, belt press block and felt long belt sanding machine. The former sanding artifacts can move through the guide rail on the workbench, sanding the workpiece under the action of briquetting by handheld manipulator lever pressure abrasive belt grinding. The sanding machine structure is simple, low investment costs. Can cover the large-scale solid wood and man-made board with grinding. Under the skilled operation, good surface sanding effect can be obtained. Adopts pneumatic pressure pad instead of manual pressure plate along the cutting direction. Pressure cushion covers the entire width of the artifact. But when the contact area between the belt and workpiece is too large, increases power consumption, and in the sand, a large number of sawdust easily attached on the belt, and belt is easy to heat, so as to shorten the service life of the belt. How long axial compression belt sanding machine, suitable for hollow slab of sanding, even slightly hollow slab surface uneven, also can obtain good effect of sanding.                                                                            

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