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Wood sanding machine safety system is introduced


                                                                                   Objective: to ensure the safety of the wood sanding machine operators, and to avoid accidents device itself. Work product damage. Specific function and function: 1, the stop button. Scram button equipment manufacturing units are generally set on the panel of the control system, choose red color, when the tension of the suddenly appeared in the process of production, can press the button, make the operation process. The equipment will stop immediately. 2, the abrasive belt protection function. In production for a long time, can't completely avoid the fracture and belt deviation phenomenon, but also equipped with abrasive belt. Protective woodworking sander once encountered such a problem, will stop running, so as to ensure the performance of operating personnel and equipment. Can not be damaged. 3, click protection system. When equipment overload, phase is closed, the motor stop running automatically, and will be issued a warning in the control panel. 4, workbench face lifting protection system. This is we usually referred to the limit, it can be effectively dealt with stroke.                                                                            

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