underground bangalore metro construction work goes on in full swing

by:Gewinn     2019-08-09
Of the 42.
30 km long for the whole stageI, 8.
8 km underground.
ABangalore is undergoing transformation.
One factor in change is the subway.
These days, people can see the huge crane and earthwork movement in several parts of the city, and the underground stage of the subway is coming soon.
Namma Metro looks ready for underground work.
I\'m on this project. Of the 42.
30 km long for the whole stageI, 8.
8 km underground.
After the MG Road station, the Karnataka cricket Institute (KSCA).
The track moves below the Cubbon Road in front of the GPO and then turns to Amabedkar Veedhi.
It then goes down the road to Majestic, from a branch to Chickpet, all the way to the KR Market.
After the KR market, it took an elevated passage to Lalbagh.
At the other end, it lifts from the city train station to Magadi Road.
Large earthwork machinery, tunnel drilling rigs, earth pressure balancing machines and slag slurry machines at KR Circle KSCA Grounds Cubbon Road have been working all day (
In front of Central College)
And the majestic KSRTC bus station.
Underground tunnels will pass through soil, soft rock and hard rock.
Rock formations of the Earth.
Before starting underground work, BMRCL studied the different soil profiles and utilities of underground, surface vibrations and their effects.
At the Kuben Park station, the soldier pile retaining wall has been completed.
These walls are made of steel, woodworking equipment, reinforced concrete and pre-
Pull concrete
These prevent penetration and destruction.
Water in construction.
Tunnel Tunneling machinery (TBMs)
Used in major works such as cutting and covering buildings.
14,000 m³ of the soil has been excavated at the station opposite the Central College, named after Sir visvisvaraya.
The traffic police have set up a notification board to inform the upcoming explosion.
These small underground explosions will create space in the hard underground.
Further work on the rock formations. The tunnel-
The boring machine is working at the central intersection of the Cubbon Road circle opposite the GPO.
The road has been completely taken away by the Metro and barricaded for the construction of the Cubbon Park Metro station.
Although a lot of work has been done, most of the work still needs to be completed.
With the board of directors of these stations referring to the March 2011 deadline, it seems that they still have a long way to go.
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