Use of solid wood processing equipment

by:Gewinn     2020-03-01
Solid wood processing equipment the hydraulic motor clamping mechanism has the characteristics of stable movement, large torque and high efficiency. The four-cylinder pressing device makes the surface of the workpiece smoother and improves the working quality and efficiency. The board is suitable for wood processing enterprises such as furniture and Integrated Materials. It has the characteristics of wide specifications for processing workpieces, low requirements for raw materials and high efficiency. It is widely used in wood production enterprises. The board should be used under the actual environment and operating conditions specified below (1) Humidity temperature: the humidity of the operating environment of the panel machine should be 30% ~ Within 90%; The ambient temperature should be at 0- 45 ℃, and the principle of temperature change is that condensation should not be caused; (2)Dust concentration shall not be greater than 10 mg/m3; (3) Atmospheric Environment: no salt, sour gas, corrosive gas, combustible gas and oil mist; (4) Avoid environmental temperature changes caused by direct sunlight or thermal radiation; (5)The installation position should be far away from the vibration source; (6)The installation location should be far away from inflammable and explosive materials; (7)There shall be no conductive dust in the factory building of the plate assembly machine; (8)There shall be no rain or snow in the factory building of the plate machine; (9)The ground is flat, clean and free of debris; (10)The aisle is unblocked and there are no obstacles; After the milling cutter of the trimming machine is pressed into the working object, it can be pushed for milling. The speed of pushing will vary depending on the type of wood, milling depth, and blunt milling cutter. If you feel unable to push or the motor sounds heavy, you need to slow down. In the process of propulsion, the trimming machine should be kept stable and not tilted, otherwise milling will not be vertical. After the milling action is completed, the trimming machine can be lifted vertically to make the milling cutter leave the working object. If the edger is not lifted vertically, there will be a danger of breaking the milling cutter or breaking the work. If the trimming machine is operating, or the T-groove wire knife or flat feather knife is used, the milling cutter should be pushed to the right to leave the working object before lifting the trimming machine. After lifting the edge trimming machine, you can turn off the switch of the edge trimming machine and then place the edge trimming machine flat on the workbench. The tip of the milling cutter must face forward so as not to hurt oneself. If you want to use it again at intervals, you 'd better unplug it first. After the aluminum foil is printed and coated, it needs to be cut on the slitting machine to cut the large semi-finished products into the required specifications and dimensions. Running the slitting semi-finished products on the slitting machine is a process of unwinding and rewinding, this process includes two parts: speed control and tension control of the machine. The so-called tension is to pull the aluminum foil and roll it on the core according to the standard. It is necessary to apply a certain stretch and tension traction to the aluminum foil, and the tension control force is the tension. Tension control refers to the ability to permanently control the tension of aluminum foil when it is transported on the equipment. This kind of control must be effective for any running speed of the machine, including the acceleration, deceleration and uniform speed of the machine. Even in the case of emergency shutdown, the saw cutting machine has the ability to ensure that the aluminum foil does not produce any damage. The tension control of slitting machine is basically manual tension control and automatic tension control. Manual tension control is to adjust the manual power supply device by the operator when the winding diameter changes to a certain stage in the process of winding or unwinding, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling tension. Not only does the slitting machine have operational process requirements, but the rewinding machine and the napkin machine also have corresponding process requirements. Each employee who operates these mechanical equipment must carry out these trainings before going to work, so as to reduce the probability of accidents. In production and processing, whether it is human or mechanical operation, we are more concerned about its work efficiency, because good efficiency can not only improve productivity for processing and manufacturing, but also save costs. Therefore, when purchasing the slitting machine, we pay more attention to its working performance and quality. However, when it comes to the working efficiency of the slitting machine, many people think that the working efficiency of the slitting machine is only related to the speed of the slitting machine. In fact, it is not the case. I think the working efficiency of the slitting machine is related to the following factors: slitting speed, yield, non-running occupied time, stability, etc. Although the slitting speed is an important indicator of the working efficiency of the slitting machine, if the yield is low, it will not only cause the working efficiency of the whole machine to be low, but also cause the cost to rise. Unwinding tension detection system of slitting machine: tension sensor detection it is a direct detection of tension, which is closely combined with machinery and is equipped with a detection method of moving parts. Usually, the two sensors are used in pairs, and they are installed on the end shafts on both sides of the detection guide roller. The material belt makes the sensitive element of the tension sensor produce displacement or deformation by detecting the applied load on both sides of the guide roller, thus detecting the actual tension value, and the tension data is converted into a tension signal and fed back to the tension controller,
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