Using second-hand woodworking machinery should be properly regulate power frequency of use

by:Gewinn     2020-09-27
When using second-hand woodworking machinery regulating power use frequency, rational utilization of energy. Woodworking machinery electricity power have greatly small, second-hand woodworking machinery in furniture production to reasonable collocation of mechanical power sizes, keep the relative balance of mechanical electricity power per unit time. To avoid the peak time to open the machine, for example, can reduce the machine failure happened due to lack of electricity.

woodworking machinery electric equipment to work under the environment of high temperature often fail, which affects the utilization of the machine. Use manufacturer in the case of not understanding why is often mistakenly assume that mechanical damage, in fact as long as to master the use of scientific methods, emphasis on electrical maintenance and repair, these nonmaterial electrical fault can be ruled out completely.

the second-hand woodworking machinery maintenance (

one, make mechanical often is in good condition, ready to start running or the car.

2, under the condition of reasonable use, not for damage and stop halfway.

3, in use process does not affect safety or drive by accident in the parts.

4, mechanical assembly, technology condition of parts and components to keep balance, to achieve the longest overhaul interval.

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