What are some of the characteristics of a new log push table saw

by:Gewinn     2020-09-26
Push Taiwan saw what is the distinguishing feature of the new logs:
1, according to the machine using large size, small power motor, and the use of pneumatic device. Clamp the wood, and equipped with hooks, quick flexible safe and reliable.
2, 30 cm high precision bearing steel is used in the main track, linear guide rails, using lightweight flexible, greatly reduces the labor intensity of the user.
3, the large size of saw blade, with smaller scraper blades, saw road, saw special shaving level off is smooth, avoid saw bending, the phenomenon of digging holes, smooth, standard of the products processing without planer, secondary processing, can completely replace the band saw.
4, host is equipped with two motors, the one you saw with 11 kw motor, saw equipped with 7. A 5 kw motor, two motor can be used alone, can use at the same time, please pay attention to when the phone is switched on, don't start the motor at the same time, otherwise you will loss power.
5, according to the traditional process is improved on the basis of high precision, easy operation, multi-use, in order to use high efficiency using portable automatic car can saw all kinds of flat plate thickness, trapezoidal plates, triangular plate, this machine is the first domestic product.
6, for the user to know more about the product performance and equipped with manual use, the user to grasp and understanding of our products, the safety of the user to use a certain effect.
7, the machine can receive two operating one plate, one person at the operating position control functions. ( Feed, lock the car hand wheel, a hand wheel Angle plate bar, electronic control devices, the forward button, the back button, button) either at The automatic stop device.
the machine use high precision linear guide bearing steel. Precision bearings and linear bearings. Large size alloy saw blade with scraper. The machine has a tight and small power consumption. High precision. Table size is big. The latest research and development of bent wood push Taiwan saw solves the bending wood clip is not tight. Need to flip back and forth wood sawing. All with automatic startup automatic type. Cylinder automatic tightening. Rejected material and automatic stop device automatically. This machine is simple operation without a professional. Ordinary workers to operation. Smooth, standard of the products processing, without planer and other secondary processing equipment, can completely replace band sawing machine to avoid the band saw saw curved holes phenomenon. The new log table saw superior performance. High safety. Can be customized according to user needs all kinds of models. Specification table saw. We are a professional production of woodworking machinery manufacturers to the choose and buy of you have a perfect after-sales service. The machine warranty for one year. Manager with all the staff welcome you to call the advisory.
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