What are the main stainless steel polishing machine type?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
Polishing machine mainly has the following several types: 1, leaf blade polishing machine polishing machine blade in the process of machining, because of various reasons, may result in uneven blade margin, even on a workpiece to present the phenomenon of remainder is too thick, too thin, if use practice of mechanical grinding, formation of the personal safety of the operator of the damage. Blade polishing machine, its composition contains five shaft driving machine, described the five shaft driving machine is equipped with C axis servo motor and power head rotation axis, described the two ends of the power head axis 5 installed on the support, the support are connected to the power head of the described power head with stents, described on fixed abrasive belt motor and drive shaft, described the abrasive belt of abrasive belt mounted on the motor shaft of the motor, described in the sand with a spherical wheel. The product is used for polishing leaf. 2, mold polishing machine mold polishing pause with imported high power devices, power increased by 30% than the same products. The resonance frequency of the microcomputer control active search and locking function; CNC nine section size and discharge gap tracking adaptive vibration function. Mold polishing machine applicable scope: all kinds of mold, Contains hard alloy moulds) Complex cavity, narrow slot slit, blind holes, etc to mirror plastic polishing rough appearance. To polishing various metal, glass, jade, agate, etc. 3, metallographic polishing machine polishing metallographic machinery motor on the base, the fixed pads are connected to the motor shaft with taper sleeve through screw. Polishing cloth after ring fastened on the pads, after the base of the switch power supply starting motor, usable hand to pressure on the sample in the rolling polishing pads. Polishing process for polishing liquid can pass on the base of plastic plate drainage pipe into side dish in the polishing machine. Polishing cover and the cover can prevent dust and other sundry on the machine when not in use on the polishing cloth and using effect. 4, two worktables two location polishing machine, polishing machine frame, polishing wheel, it contains power equipment; Polishing wheel installed in the rack, the polishing wheels driven by power equipment; Polishing wheel disk contains outer fabric; Two polishing wheel, polishing machine has two polishing wheel flat wheel and CAM plate respectively. The utility model polishing machine has flat wheel and CAM plate, use can be conveniently replaced frequently use flat wheel and CAM plate plane, convex and concave of product appearance manual polishing, high work efficiency. 5, the flame polishing machine polishing pause skills with electrolytic water, electricity to extract hydrogen gas from water power equipment, including hydrogen as fuel, oxygen is used for fuel, can replace carbon gas such as acetylene, gas, liquefied gas, has high calorific value, flame concentration, zero pollution, yield of high efficiency and energy saving facilities such as strengths. Appropriate XieJi outdoors environment operation. Appropriate &artificial jewelry co, store, dental, glass and other industries of fine craft flame welding, small casting, small parts, all kinds of welding wire, high temperature quenching annealing experiment data, etc. 6, all active all active saw blade saw blade polishing machine polishing machine is specially used for polishing of diamond saw blade matrix, and organized by frame, polishing machine, manipulator, dusting tissue composition, loading and unloading of saw blade, polishing action completely control by PLC, the use of abrasive belt polishing the matrix of diamond saw blade. In the past, saw blades matrix polishing is basically by the workers in polishing craft, the working environment is very bad, all active polishing pause with active loading and unloading manipulator saw blade, workers only need to place proper number of saw blade, timely replacement of abrasive belt, can let the machine run actively, one person can operate more machine together. 7, thin-walled thin-walled polishing machine polishing machine, according to the power transmission and control, its organization, the crank transmission organization, driven by a motor reciprocating motion guide rod organization, thin-walled, thin-walled clamping polishing organization, distribution box, etc. Thin-walled bearing fine-tuning organizations active fine-tuning thin-walled spatial orientation make it according to the requirements of die profile and detailed processing way of manipulation of the displacement of the way. The utility model strengths is greatly improving the quality and appearance of the thin-walled outer surface function stability, real on craft completed a high-precision thin-walled polishing processing mechanization. More than 8, pipe polishing machine, pipe polishing machine is centerless grinding principle, propelled by grinding and send into two big groups, after grinding head feed conditioning, can undertake large margin for fine grinding or polishing, after conditioning guide roller spacing, for machining the part with different standards, the machine sent to organization chooses stepless speed change device, can change the feeding speed of processing, make workpiece reach ambitious polishing effect. And sensitive to the different raw material of workpiece and polishing requirements page use emery cloth wheel, hemp wheel, cloth wheel, nylon wheel of artifacts for a variety of polishing tools such as grinding. Artifacts plate wear-resistant materials production, can not often adjusted. Artifact standard change adjustment, the machine selection & other One-way movement two-way in place throughout the &; The structure, make the adjustment plate work greatly simplified. A full set of production line by polishing machine, feeding device, discharge device of three parts. And have a standard, active model, environmental protection and economical type for the user to choose from. Host grinding head quantity can be according to the appearance of the original workpiece and finish requirements of product appearance, with orders formulated in detail.
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